+1 person for nozawabar?

for next month, i need another person to make minimum 2 person reservation. How do I do this? It says you can transfer reservations through tock?

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Warrior: I am on a diet so I ate at Nozawa Bar. I didn’t eat anything else today. 7.0 Warrior Points.

Peony [at conference; Warrior as proxy]: I am not a sushi expert but I liked all the sushi.


Nozawa Bar offers someone for everyone. The snobbiest of sushi aficionados will appreciate some of the courses here (e.g., the New Zealand pink lobster). People who want to socialize will find plenty of that. It’s hard not to socialize, and I suspect the chef secretly encouraged chatting as I got to less impressive bites. There is a touch of “sushi nazi” shtick, but the reality is this is more casual than the typical sushi temple. Probably better for it. I like the place. Style is white vinegared, al dente rice and light adulteration of the toppings. Sushi nazi-ish in a way. Toppings range from great to “fine but filler.” At $220, it’s a good value. Wine/sake list is tiny but smart.