99 Ranch Market & Asian Food Court Coming to Westwood

I was there in that space last weekend (but not at the handroll bar specifically). Zero customers. Maybe the Eater love will help them.


I’ve been there and had planned to write about the entire food court etc. I wonder if they need to build up a solid following or get places with more brand recognition. Lima Nikkei is very good but I wonder if the price point is just too rich for the UCLA crowd.


They are really taking their sweet time to develop that second floor space in general.

lol if you only knew they took like 5+ years to build the whole market! should’ve never taken that long.


Actually I did know. Recall that I was one of the first FTCers to report that Tawa acquired that old Ross site years back. Lol oh wait I’m the OP of this thread.


did you hear how much they spent on the entire project? also that parking lot is…not the easiest. but I do like the market area a lot.


once when I was Sea Harbour I was staring at an interesting fried dish at another table…when I asked the server, she said, “not for you” and laughed…very phu-knee! and I was glad she didnt serve it to me!

Grimaud Farms guinea fowl at Draeger’s supermarket in the bay area $11.98/lb vs same brand at 99 Ranch for $4.99/lb. More than 2 for 1.

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Huh. Grimaud direct charges almost $11 a pound. Seems unlikely that the wholesale price could be less than half that.


Photographic proof taken right from my countertop


I wonder if everyone’s making money at that price.

Given that Safeway/Ralphs and even Whole Foods are too basic to carry fowl, and that this is usually an upmarket item you mainly find at specialty/gourmet shops, 99 Ranch, which has 58 stores across the country, could be their single biggest US buyer and that probably gives them pricing advantages. Or gourmet markups are just crazy.

A Mary’s organic chicken is priced at Whole Foods at around $4.49/lb for comparison.


Somehow just seeing this reply; I’m bad at forums in 2024. Rapeseed oil != canola oil. I’d refer to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDP9t65PVsY specifically for the context of Sichuan cooking

Maybe in Sichuan they have rapeseed oil that’s different from canola oil, but it would probably be illegal in the US. Which you said it is.

canola oil comes from different crossbred rapeseed cultivars, with the explicit intent of producing a low erucic acid, neutral oil. it is distinct from rapeseed oil (although, to be fair, there are LEAR caiziyou oils being produced now). the wiki you linked covers this in this first two paragraphs and goes into further detail, with sources. the second to last section touches upon the difference between “canola oil” and caiziyou/菜籽油.

i feel bad derailing this thread. if you want to discuss more, or do a blind taste test between different rapeseed-derived oils, hit me up in the DMs


I’ll check my local 99 Ranch for caiziyou. I wonder if it’s the same brand that Mala Market sells (probably at a steep markup).