A few days in Alhambra

Those things were amazing. You’d swear it was a fish filet.

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I pass by all the time, it is not Beijing Pie House anymore.

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Oh, I know that. I was answering Robert’s query. I am not in the SGV as much as I used to be (sigh), but I’d noticed the change to Jin Hai in the times I’ve passed by since too.

Are we talking about luo buo gao?

And like a fish filet in terms of texture? I’m trying to think if I would want luo buo gao to be like a fish filet (and am very interested in hearing more)…

No, they are “luo buo si bing” (pan-sauteed bao with shredded radish inside).


You Kitchen is worthy of a visit if you like Chinese Noodles and pastry


Ah, thanks for the clarification. Those have never been my favorite item, but I never tried the ones at Beijing Pie House. Poop. :frowning:

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Yes, texture was like a fish filet. They were unlike any “turnip cake” I’ve had anywhere else, both in texture and flavor.

no one seems to have mentioned luxiyuan across the street from ipoh kopitam (which seems to have lost their luster). luxiyuan has an interesting mix of shanghaiese and chuan cuisine. i’m partial to 8 on the bund in SG. their lunch specials might be the best way to try a number of different dishes there. min min is very good, but they make to order, so expect time to elapse between order and service, and seating is a bit limited.

trying to recall which cuisines you have limited access to up north, but if shanghai-ese is one, then of course jiang nan spring deserves a mention. if you want shanxi, i’d go with laoxi noodle house in arcadia over heavy noodling in the JYTH plaza, or maybe noodle palace in rosemead for their oat noodles that no one else seems to make down here. heavy noodling is rustic chewy dough, but it seems to be the same dough whether it’s noodles or dumpling and i found it a bit pedantic over the course of a meal. there isn’t much representation of indonesian/malaysian/singaporean down here, so the renamed borneo eatery is an option. or you might try singkawang cafe (conveniently located next to the badminton courts next door) but it’s down in elmonte.

kam hong is still there, though it’s changed ownership a few times since we raved about the place on CH. haven’t been there since the pandemic, but i like their noodles with tomato & egg. if you like claypot rice, then nature pagoda is a must. i still think shanghai dumpling house does some of the best XLB in terms of delicacy of construction and soup. i like dongbei but there aren’t too many good dongbei places anymore. shenyang tasty is in SG & there’s a JCHF potato noodle down the street from them. i found the latter underwhelming but a chacun a son gout.

sichuan impression/chengdu taste get all the raves, but xiang la hui deserves a mention if you’re not all about mala. they’ve got some nuanced dishes there.


Have really enjoyed Jiang Nan Spring, but are most of their dishes large format? Although maybe they’ll randomly offer @robert a half portion. :slight_smile:

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they used to have lunch specials which i took advantage of previously, but that has been discontinued. but i think they offer a lunch discount in lieu of that on non seafood items.

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i second xiang la hui. favorite dish is the eggplant appetizer.

i think my favorite noodle place in SGV would be Northern Cafe on Garfield. the noodles are good and the liang cai / cold dishes are well above par. After that, Chong Qing Special Noodles on Las Tunas (it may have the worst interior design of any restaurant in SGV, but the you po noodles make up for it).


I third, never disappointed there

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Who makes a good beef roll?

Double carb it up at Ahgoo’s with the beef roll and big scallion sesame bing!!!

Sorry it’s a little further east and north of Alhambra.

Make that triple carb with rice I guess

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Most overrated dish in SGV

Everyone come fight me.

Rice is almost always not well cooked. White rice is usually overcooked and mushy. Purple is often dry. Definitely too loosely packed. The YT inside is usually old and stale.

Huge tree Fan tuan : savoy kitchen hanan chicken


Have not been in a LOOOONG time, but 101 Noodle Express used to have a good one back in the day.

Won’t fight but would be interested to know where you like to get yours. :slight_smile:

Agree that Huge Tree is mediocre. There’s a lot of love for it cuz it’s a reminder of Asia, and relatively few purveyors in L.A. offer what they offer.

Best beef roll IMHO is at You Kitchen.


The OG location when it was on Atlantic next to Diho market with the smallest dining room was so damn good.

Would still rather go to Huge Tree than 4 Sea. The Yi Mei in Rowland always hits for me.

I like the sauces at Savoy and the all you can drink ice lemon tea. Not even close to Marden’s and PRD but I think it’s fine/acceptable.

Four seas in San Gabriel is light years better. Especially with onion egg and pickled veggies. Woo!

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