A lunch date. Your choice

We both have the day off (were supposed to stay in wine country for 3 nights)

Kid is in school

Trying to think of a special lunch spot for this most unusual Monday.

Any LA metro locale. Any cuisine.


Pusan Jobang (Korean seafood)

Been wondering about this relatively newcomer to KTown.

Thanks. I was actually thinking seafood.

Given the weather, I would suggest closer to the ocean.
Nobu Malibu, perhaps?

Check out Santa Monica Seafood along Wilshire and perhaps The Lobster right by the SM Pier with a view.

Lost at Sea (right next to Gold Line Station in Old Town Pasadena)

– scratch that - closed today. No bueno seafood on Mondays.


How about Son of a Gun? The dark interior is sort of date appropriate.

Dim sum at Sea Harbour.

No lines. No wait. Same food. Win win win.

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Drive up the coast on this gorgeous day. Pack some rosé, dessert, water, plates etc go to Neptune’s Net and grab some freshly cooked/ prepped seafood. Have a picnic at their tables or walk across the street to the beach. Then jump in the ocean!

Im jealous, enjoy!


Drove way too much for paso this weekend so went local to Petit T to finally try the burger

You need to run here for the braised endive special. So rich and decadent


Langers…IMG_3048 2

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Didn’t see your plea in time, but if it happens again Ladyface Ale Companie, www.ladyfaceale.com/, on Kanan and the 101 has a great burger (I will write it up soon - my picture was lousy), good beer, a lovely deck and French bistro style food. IIRC you are in the West Valley so it wouldn’t be that much of a schlep. I went for the first time on Saturday and my only complaint is they don’t allow dogs on the deck. What kind of a francocentric restaurant doesn’t allow dogs?

Off-topic but curious why you didn’t go to the wine country?

yea i’ve been a couple of times… there isn’t a brewery that has been able to avoid me

we did… just came back after 2 nights, others couldn’t stay 3rd, so we still had the day off but kid got to go to school

visual proofs.



Amen. I had the day off a week or two ago and went at 9:30am. It truly felt of heaven to sit at the bar in a near-empty Langer’s, eating a pastrami sandwich for breakfast.


Thanks for the suggestions. Ended up at Petit again because with a kid we can never really sit in places like this. Had to take advantage. Finally tried the burger on 4th visit



So what did you think of the burger? I was quite unimpressed myself.

Children love this place. If you go about 3:30 to 4:30, it’s pretty empty. I usually have two with me, and they get sparkling lemonade and split a steak frites or a ham sandwich. The chefs get a kick out of feeding the kids, and it’s not busy, so it’s not an intrusion. Mozza was like that, back in the day when Nancy was manning the pizza bar.

I’ve never ordered a hamburger at Petit Trois for them, it’s too complicated, and sounds kind of awful.

I was overimpressed to be honest. Didn’t expect that level of richness and the depth of that sauce reduction