A Neighborhood Yakitori Specialist - Koshiji



Sorry to hear some of the chicken were over cooked. I usually don’t order anything with chicken breast. The chicken wings are usually well cooked (not over cooked) and very good.

Glad you gave it a try. It is a nice neighborhood type restaurant.

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Have you been to Yakitori-ya on Sawtelle? That is my favorite, they have a great grilled chicken heart among other things.


It’s a great cozy warm neighborhood restaurant. Thanks again for the rec! :slight_smile:

If this was in my neighborhood I could see myself going often. :slight_smile:

Hi @aaqjr,

No I haven’t. I remember when it first opened it got mixed reviews on our old board, so I skipped it. Then reading Yelp (I know it’s usually so random / untrustworthy at times), there are so many reviews talking about its bad service (and servers demanding more tips or shouting at the customers), I really don’t have the urge to go.

I might try them out next time we’re in the mood for Yakitori, though. Thanks.

I’m going to be very close to this. Thanks for the extensive review

Nice! Looking forward to your thoughts when you go. :slight_smile:

I totally dig Koshiji. It’s a cool little neighborhood spot. Perfect for after work snacks and drinks. I could chow down on those lamb chops daily.


My Yakitori Patheon

  1. Yakitori-ya (the best, IMHO). For a large group - order in advance - they do a duck shabu shabu that is really special Holy Duck - Go off menu and try the Duck Shabu-Shabu at Yakitori-ya
  2. Torihei
  3. Kokeekoko (the now defunct location, have not tried the new locale and don’t even know if it is still open)
  4. Shun Sen Gumi Yakitori (Gardena location is the only one I’ve been to)

Hi @Novelli,

Thanks for the tip on the lamb chops! I’ll have to try that next time.

Hi @CiaoBob,

That shabu shabu looks great!

You didn’t like Raku’s amazing Yakitori skewers? :slight_smile:

We really like their Asajime (free-range, dispatched same-day as needed) Chicken, which has so much deep Chicken-y flavor.

I do like Aburiya Raku very much. especially this:

But I dont really consider it a yakitori joint - though it kind of is.

Hi @Chowseeker1999 -

I love Yakitori, chicken lover that I am. It’s odd they haven’t perfected the one thing they specialize in… Yakitori. Dry chicken? :confused:. Glad they had enough hits to make it worthwhile. The place seems like a sweet neighborhood spot.

Thanks for the report!

P.S. I like Asahi Draft from Japan too.

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Hi @TheCookie,

Thanks. :slight_smile: Have you tried Aburiya Raku yet? It’s on La Cienega, probably more convenient for you. Fantastic Yakitori there. :slight_smile:

I have been salivating for months reading your reports on Aburiya Raku. It’s definitely on the list :kissing_closed_eyes:.

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