A new restaurant review by Kevin in LA Weekly --sushi


Another great review by Kevin.

As for the restaurant itself, the only thing keeping it from being in the top tier of Los Angeles sushi restaurants is the rice (too dense) and the temperature of the neta (too cold). I still had an all around tremendous meal and would recommend.

when it comes to the rice a lot of places that are well regarded by many tend to fail in this regard. IIRC nobu matsuhisa has stated that sushi is 90% about the rice.

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It was Yasuda. Who did indeed serve the best rice in town and in the US when he was around. Now, it’s Mori.

Nobu’s success has nothing to do with the sushi rice.

“The rice is 90 percent of sushi,” Chef Yasuda proudly states


you’re right. wrong chef, but the point is that the rice does matter.

Some Sushi Tanaka pics from CH Chowhound. Exemplary tamago.

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