A New Wave - Guerrilla Tacos

Yeah. The bacon & foie taco was a special, but the others were part of the weekly menu.

Good question about the tortillas… I should have asked. :confused:

Just had the lobster quesadilla and a boar taco and both were excellent. The quesadilla was loaded with lobster and the chile morita really cut the richness of the cheese and lobster. A great flavor combo. The boar taco was solid, but what really popped was the gooseberries garnish–sweet and tart at the same time, and totally unexpected, but again a perfect combination with the boar. And the blue corn tortilla is really delicious. I always find something interesting on their menu, but everything this week looked terrific and the quesadilla is one of the best things I’ve had there.



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Hi @thechez5,

Nice! So glad you liked the Lobster Quesadilla as well! :grin: It’s so good right? :slight_smile:

That Bacon & Foie Gras Taco looks great! I think it’s really cool that Chef Wes is doing daily specials still (besides his weekly changing menu), so a bit of a nod to his original daily changing menu.

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Hi @J_L,

That’s not possible! You’re our best photographer on FTC. :slight_smile:

My crappy photos are here


I read it in the Clay Davis voice: “All that food? In one sitting?? Sheeeeit!!!”


You just made my day with that reference. Best show.


“A man got to have a code… and a soft shell crab taco.”


Come at the King Crab, you best not miss!


That would be amazing if Chef Wes made a King Crab Taco! :slight_smile: Drool…


A man with a giant basket of live uni just arrived at the truck. I do not know what this means - uni is not currently on the menu.


Prep for tomorrow I’d imagine.

A cooler?

I have nothing to add to this discussion today except for the following: tacos IRL are smaller than they appear

$14 and 30 minutes later I’m hungry again.


Hi @Ns1,

Yah, they are on the smaller side, and certainly will run up the bill. Which items were highlights for you this visit?

Unfortunately nothing knocked it out of the park today. Better luck next week.

The thing with Guerilla Tacos is that you can’t go there looking for Mexican food.

It’s just interesting food (generally seafood-centric) served in a Mexican style. Nothing more, nothing less.

Sort of like Kogi (with Korean) or BaoHaus (with Chinese/Taiwanese).

Interesting food? Yes. Good Mexican? No.


This is accurate.

I’ll say this about BaoHaus. They were incredibly accommodating and friendly for a fast casual place.

That feels sort of…odd…Guerilla Tacos seems way closer to Mexican than something like Kogi to straight Korean.

Maybe I’m just completely wrong, but…for example, is Taco Maria’s food also not Mexican at all but merely served in a “Mexican style”?