A Pasta Family's Flagship Arrives on the Westside - The Delightful Handmade Pastas of Pasta Sisters (Culver City) [Thoughts + Pics]

Whoa. Somebody stole the family recipes from their walk in.

That’s so sad. Hope the diary is recovered. :cry:

Damn, that sucks.

Not the walk-in. The thieves took the whole safe.

I wonder if the recipes are really lost. Seems like they would have made a copy. Especially with two restaurants.

I would also assume the recipes (or, at least, the ones used for the restaurant) have been copied/digitized/whatever.

But I imagine that the diary has tremendous sentimental value, which is why they are offering the reward.


Yes, of course. Just seems like a misleading headline (or incomplete story).

Yeah, I assume clickbait or a bit of sloppy reporting.

Likely the person who wrote the headline only skimmed the story.

And they may have indeed lost a portion of the recipes for good. I can easily imagine that there are Christmas or Easter recipes they only make at home every couple years that are now just gone

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If they didn’t copy the whole thing, which seems unlikely given that it’s a big family and it’s so easy to do these days.

I get your point but it’s also easy to think ‘it’ll always be there, we have it in the safe’ and just not think to copy it. Hope that is not the case but fear it is. Especially if they’ve never been robbed before.

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They have two restaurants. And would they really want to have an irreplaceable heirloom in the kitchen every time they wanted to cook another recipe from it?

Yes. I’m guessing only a small fraction of the recipes are used in the restaurant. It’s a diary from a family member. The reason it’s precious is not because of the restaurant recipes but the memories they represent. They were originally home recipes most likely


It’s precious both as an object and for its content. But the latter may have been backed up.

My guess is only partially backed up. Most likly anything that wasn’t used daily in the restaurant wasn’t backed up