A Tempura And Oden Specialist By Way Of Tokyo And Peru - Tendon Tempura Carlos Junior [Thoughts + Pics]

Hi @JeetKuneBao,

Nice! :slight_smile: So glad you enjoyed your visit to Tendon Tempura Carlos Junior. Yes that Tempura Egg! :smile: over the Rice and Chef Pinto’s Tendon Sauce = Joy!

Thanks for the report on the King Crab Tempura. We loved the Kisu (Japanese Whiting Fish) Tempura as well. :slight_smile:

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Hi @beefnoguy,

Wow, I had no idea the OG Nihonbashi branch of Hannosuke was so popular. :slight_smile: Hopefully you get a chance to try this homage to it. :slight_smile:

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Oh yum! Fun in the tum!

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Went this weekend and got two tendon. @Chowseeker1999 is completely right about this place, I don’t have much to add. @JeetKuneBao, that egg! So creamy and flavorful. Everything was perfect, except the shrimp which was the slightest bit overcooked. Also, boyfriend thought he hated miso soup but he actually likes this one.


Pretty good idea to bring a pre-splattered shirt!


I always wear a brown t shirt when I go eat jja jiang mien for this exact reason. My wife hates it.


Way to bring the mood down, dude! :wink:


Hi @joy,

Thanks for the report back. :slight_smile: Glad to hear your meal was also great at Tendon Tempura Carlos Junior. That Anago (Eel) Tempura is making me so hungry right now! :smile:

That’s what the FTC t-shirt is for. Be proud of those splatters.


Very good tempura, egg, miso soup as @Chowseeker1999 reports. Loved my visit.

Oden is so-so (and no mustard is criminal in my court).

Sake - Sochu selection seems to be improving


No mustard wtf… still I’m going for the tendon anyway!

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Wow a mortal sin!!! Good to know, if I ever make it, I’m doing BYOM

If they allow corkage, I’m definitely bringing my own sake.

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Hi @CiaoBob,

Thanks for the report back. So glad you liked the Tempura, their Egg is wonderful and Miso Soup. :slight_smile:

For the Oden, definitely agree it’s just average. We showed up for only their 2nd day of Oden and they forgot the Karashi (Japanese Mustard) for us as well. But we asked for it, and the server quickly blurted out a “Ah! Sumimasen!” and got it for us. So maybe they forgot (again)? (which is unfortunate.)

Of course I asked for it. I was told they didn’t have any.


Hi @CiaoBob,

Wow, that’s sad. Thanks.

A little very reliable intel I gleaned on my visit (perhaps @matthewkang and EaterLA need to verify):
A guy named Kenta (former principle of the Tsujita USA group) is behind setting up Tempura Tendon Carlos Junior. Kenta has sold Tsujita to another company and that company is not keeping up the Tsujita standards. One friend (who knows and loves) Tsujita Sawtelle told me he recently went to Tsujita Fairfax and it was awful.


Hi @CiaoBob,

Interesting! We recently went to Tsujita Glendale (visiting some friends out there) and the entire OG staff that was from the Sawtelle crew was missing (new people) and it was OK, but not as good as before. I was hoping it was a fluke.

I love the Tempura here at Tendon Tempura Carlos Junior though! Can’t wait to go back. :slight_smile:

Had a great lunch the other day, thanks @Chowseeker1999. The conger eel, white fish, nori, and egg were incredible. They were extremely crunchy and stayed that way throughout the meal. The shrimp and vegetables were really good too but the kakiage was unfortunately soft and flaccid.

Followed it up with a bang-bang at sakuraya and chikara mochi, great suggestion @Chowseeker1999.

premium tempura plate

conger eel




glutton alc supplements

white fish






Hi @PorkyBelly,

So glad you had a great meal, and great pics as usual! :blush: I just got hungry looking at your report! I wish it was nearby. :smile:

Oh and @PorkyBelly did you get a chance to order the Jumbo Shrimp Tempura? How did it turn out?

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Yes I got the jumbo shrimp as part of my plate of glutton supplements–it was delicious.

Also found out some new intel, when I requested to sit at the counter the server said it was reserved for happy hour where they serve sushi!? Not sure if chef pinto will be making the sushi or what’s going on there.

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