A Weekend in Little Saigon - Delectable Meatball and Cold Cut Banh Mi Sandwiches (Ba Le Westminster), Refreshing Cococane, Steaming Beef Noodle Soups, Crunchy & Silky Rice Cakes and Vietnamese Ice Coffee (Phin Smith) [Thoughts + Pics]

@Chowseeker1999 Here’s one for you “Fish Tempoyak”. Catfish stewed with fermented durians. :laughing:

“Tempoyak is made from selected durian. It starts with taking the flesh of durian and then mix it with salt. It will be kept in room temperature for three to five days.”

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More than the aroma and the taste is the texture–squishy,slimy fruit :face_vomiting:

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Hi @JeetKuneBao,

I forgot to ask, but is this dish at New Trieu Chau, or the one listed as “Trieu Chau”? Because looking online, I only saw the dish listed at New Trieu Chau. Thanks.

DO NOT GO TO NEW Trieu Chau!!!

Not the same! More bland

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There’s few hu tieu specialist u can also consider if that’s what you’re looking for. Hu tieu Thanh xuan has the Phnom Penh (nam vang) style as well as a very regional Thanh xuan style which is a dry style with a tomato pork sauce.

Not theirs, but inspired by them


I would also check out Phnom Penh Noodle Shack and Phuongs in addition to Trieu Chau and Thanh Xuan for the full experience.

Hu Tieu is such a fascinating dish it’s Chinese-Cambodian in origin but the Vietnamese-Chinese/Vietnamese in Saigon and other parts of the country really made their own with different varieties

@hppzz How many styles/variations are there?

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Hi @hppzz, @JeetKuneBao,

Thanks! :slight_smile: I just Googled the address and this Hu Tieu specialist is in the same plaza as New Duong Son BBQ, Pho Quang Trung, next door to @Ns1’s Lien Hoa BBQ, across the street from legendary Ba Le Sandwiches (Westminster) and catty-corner the other Banh Cuon specialist @Ns1 mentioned Banh Cuon Tay Ho 2! :smile:

The concentration of notable Vietnamese restaurants in a 1 block radius is kinda staggering! :sweat_smile: I’ll bookmark this place.

(And @JeetKuneBao thanks for the warning to stay away from New Trieu Chau, good to know!) :slight_smile:


Give it a try when you hit up Ba Le!

Get the dry clear noodles. Add lime juice, chrsythanem (spelling lol) greens, sprouts, pickled garlic, chile sauce, and that Pork-Tomato sauce. Mix well!


Probably dozens and dozens of variations—varies with what the local access to Proteins and vegetables. Popular enduring ones get the names. Even in Cambodia there’s variations.


PSA: Banh Mi Saigon has a new roast pork belly (thit heo quay) banh mi.

They are also opening up a new location on Beach Blvd.

I bought two baguette the other day and they are damn near perfection.