A Wonderful Japanese Bakery - Stay for the Velvety Cream Bread and Handmade Steamed Pork Buns! - Cream Pan [Thoughts + Pics]

Ok I think I just sent my mom on a food run. What else are the requisite items?


Curry pan, cream pan…anything with azuki, if you like azuki. The orange brioche is great, too.


Tons of strawberry croissants. Strawberry banana custard bar, korokke pans (elusive at times, go early), donut with custard.

I think the earlier the better for the variety of selection. I went too late and “settled” for strawberry croissants and cream pan.


@teriyakichi Do they make their own soba at Tanakaya?

Hi @Ns1,

Definitely the Cream Pan, Nikuman (Steamed Pork Bun) (although that might not travel well… best eaten piping hot there), Curry Pan, Almond Croissant (not as good as Chaumont, but if you don’t get Almond Croissants often, this is good). :slight_smile:

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Hi @attran99,

Yes. I posted a review in this earlier thread with pics. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @A5KOBE! We showed up at 7 a.m., so we saw the full selection. I had no idea there were Korokke Pan. What does it taste / look like? (Deep Fried Bread)? :smile:

Closest along these lines might be Yamazaki.

Closest is the key word here.

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If it’s like other korokke pan, think of a Danish, but instead of fruit or cream cheese, a korokke is nestled in some tonkatsu/oko sauce, and maybe even cheese or becemel. It’s the starchx3 play.


Thanks, @Chowseeker1999. That’s right…I remember liking your review. With the hot weather coming up this week…cold soba would be a fantastic meal.

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It is two korokke with tonkatsu sauce nestled in a sandwich roll. Just imagine two korokke inside a larger hot dog bun with lettuce, cucumber and tomato. It tastes like seasoned deep fried mashed potatoes. I believe it is a lunch item so maybe you were too early? Did you see any tonkatsu sandwiches or yakisoba pan?


Hi @A5KOBE @bulavinaka,

I have to try Korokke Pan now! :smile: Thanks.

I did see a Tonkatsu Sandwich (so tempting). We didn’t see the Yakisoba Pan! :open_mouth: Is it good?

I like it but it may be one of those things that’s lost on you if you didn’t grow up with it like JiB tacos

Pick up a bag or two of their whole wheat sliced bread. Stick it in your freezer immediately. Delicious, soft bread that is great for pb&j sandwiches or toast. My kids won’t eat any other bread and I’ve tried about 5-7 other brands.


Orange Brioche?:open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

Tell me more!

@Happybaker it looks more like a scone than brioche, but it’s a buttery pastry that’s covered in a lovely orange glaze with flecks of orange zest. Great with tea or coffee…or by itself in the car before you hit the freeway because you got your order to go.

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Ditto. I usually inhale whatever pastry(ies) I buy that day before I hit Newport Ave. Getting out of the car at your destination with all those crumbs can be a little embarrassing.


@js76wisco Keep a napkin on your lap and one as a bib…and all will be well :wink: The strawberry croissant is the only thing I won’t eat in the car because the powdered sugar can get challenging…good thing my house is only 20 mins up the freeway from there.

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Okayama Kobo

(1st US store!!)

Curry Pan!

One of the best sellers in Japan. Filled with delicious Japanese Curry, with a nice crunch from the topping.

Damn it I just saw the microwave by the trash/coffee station.

Butter and Salt Roll

Wow! Sprinkles of salt on top with a butter filling with a tinge of sweet.

Free drink with a $5 purchase. Coffee is by Groundwork.

I been here for 10 minutes and I seen/heard nothing but Japanese customers.

Bang bang dessert at Cream Pan if you want, to hit up both and take home to your mansion in LA

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Spicy Curry Pan warmed up for 30 seconds

The Spicy Curry Pan is where it’s at!!