Anajak Thai (Sherman Oaks)?

Reservations for Anajak @ Majordomo available from 9:00:00 to 9:00:01 am tomorrow.


You missed a decimal point, should be 9:00:00:00 to 9:00:00:01

last month’s omakase took days to sellout, if it even did. we’re not talking hayato here.


What’s the price on their monthly omakase?


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Both nights sold out already.

@Clayfu FIFY
Let me know the next time you and Action are hanging out. I’ll come help you out.


:rofl::rofl:. It was a good time. Justin is always very kind to keep me in the loop. He’s introduced me to a lot of people that have helped Astrea in many different facets.


Wow! This place has blown up since we left a couple years ago!

Had a very nice dinner here last night.

Obviously Justin was at the LAT event, and as we were with a friend who’s not so adventurous we were slightly limited in ordering. Had the Papaya Salad, Laab Tot, Panang Curry (sadly they were out of the Haw Mok), Pad Siew, and Spicy Fried Rice with Shrimp. And a lovely Italian rose (I’m a bit bored with the classic “Put a German Riesling on it!”, though I love them).

Everything was quite good.

Does that seem like I’m damning with faint praise? Eh, maybe, but not intentionally. Given all the press and accolades - again, happy for Justin because he seems like a good dude - it’s hard for anywhere to live up to the hype (looking at MULTIPLE places on the F&W, BA, NYT annual lists).

I’d be intrigued to try one of the Omakase experiences if we’re around for one.

Anyway, though, for the A La Carte menu, there are a few places in, say, Las Vegas I’d recommend more highly, and another in Philly springs to mind. Some of the older joints here (e.g. Jitlada) were pretty good but I cannot speak to them now. But, all that being said, really enjoyable meal.

FWIW (narrator: nothing, who cares :joy:) my best guess is a lot of the praise comes down to:

Charming, passionate, good dude + good social presence + TTT + Omakase + Fantastic Wine List = Allllllllllll the Awards


100%. A la carte is very good–I couldn’t find any flaws (and I usually try to). For me personally, though, I don’t know if it’s worth driving 1hr each way in stop-and-go traffic when I’m pretty close to Thai town.

Just out of curiosity, what is your Vegas list @a213b?


I prefer Lamaii and Lotus (in that order) … hilariously the place I was thinking of in Philly, I saw he just went and did a pop up with them (Kalaya).

We’re actually going again with friends tomorrow night - they wanted to go, we are quite happy to join them. I’m hoping to try some other things to see. At the very least I know it will be delicious and we’ll have some great wine.

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Ha, that is my exact current list, in order. I’m going in Dec–tempted to try a Thai spot I haven’t before, but I’m pretty dialed in on those two.

I’m going back for a second round at Anajak, for sure. Curious about their omakase more than anything.

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Spent chinese new year at Anajak and ravaged everything veggie and seafood related. Been a couple months since I’ve been back and almost four months since I’ve done the ala carte menu

It’s really firing on all cylinders as they are increasing the breadth of the menu. A whole section of small bites which were fantastic.

My favorite was the cucumber relish salad which was a play on ginger scallion sauce but with crunchy crisp veggies.

For the seafood section (which seems huge now) - the duo of red carabinero prawns were incredible. Lightly touched with aromatics and cooked medium rare. As good as any version I’ve had in the US.

Then vegetables. They always kill it with veggies. They always get that char just right. Whether it’s from a grill or the wok they get so much of that smoky umami flavor to match with whatever seasoning they choose.


Damn, see those carabineros a la carte can make me (a small-time hater) trek northwest for those. That looks spectacular.