Angler - Beverly Center

Who is this guy? I don’t mean to be flip but i feel like I keep up with most of the best Chefs but I’ve barely heard of him and have a hard time connecting with him or understanding his culinary point of view . That’s even saying I listened to DC’s first pod cast with him. Seems like his chef at Saison is more well known


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Seems to be another out of town chef who doesn’t understand how the LA food scene works and just thinks that his name recognition alone will get him over.

Good luck to him lol.

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He admitted that the location was dubious.

I don’t know if anyone else’s standards for fish are as high as his. And the menu’s not that fish-centric. He said his favorite dishes were the simple green salad and the roast chicken.

As Chang hassled him about, Skenes doesn’t do as much promotion or PR as most of the other chefs on the Pellegrino list or with three Michelin stars.

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I had the potato at the SF branch. To say it didn’t blow me away would be putting it kindly.

Lobster with beets and mushrooms? That’s a hard no from me.

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At a seafood restaurant? Is he a tad tone-deaf or terrible at PR?

Thank you for posting the podcast, @PorkyBelly.
I really enjoyed hearing Skenes’ side of the story.

I think Angler is similar to Shibumi in that you have to set your expectations and order in a certain way to “get” it.

Listening to the podcast made me want to go to Angler. I previously had no interest.


How do you have to order at Shibumi?

Seafood’s half the menu at most and I think the most interesting dishes are the vegetables. One of the two dining rooms at the SF branch is decorated with taxidermy mammals. Skenes said in the podcast that some customers spend $40, which means little or no seafood.

I’m actually shocked so many people are complaining about the prices. The cost is literally comparable to Chi Spacca, Majordomo, Gwen, etc… How should the items be priced here then? And please someone lmk where to get open fire cooking for cheaper prices with similar ingredients.

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$150 a head at Majordomo or Chi Spacca, I’m stuffed, drunk, happy, and eager to return.

I love chi spacca so much. That’s all.

Hi @robert, I had been thinking about posting how I enjoy Shibumi previously. Give me until next week to put something together.

I have a res in two weeks, so that would be helpful. Somehow I missed or forgot about the place until I heard Chang and Skenes talking about it.

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I too am very curious and look forward to your report. It strikes me as a place where you must order the right kind of sake, have their house cured/made pickles/chinmi, and basically treat the place like a real kappo/sake bar than a full blown restaurant. The entrees seem entirely at random, so just load up on apps.

And they are also the only place in town now where they carry Den (Den Sake Brewery, Oakland). I was told someone makes the trek frequently between Oakland and LA/Shibumi, just to ensure Shibumi stocks Den…that’s dedication!

As far as Angler goes… while I have yet to go to the one in SF, friends in the know have told me a similar approach…get a bunch of apps, perhaps raw shellfish/seafood bar, skip the entrees.

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Ok. In that case, here are the big takeaways:

  1. Go on a Tue/Wed when the FOH team can give you more attention
  2. ONLY sit at the bar (doesn’t necessarily have to be in front of Chef)
  3. Drink alcohol. As mentioned in the Chang/Skenes podcast, the menu is best enjoyed with booze.
  4. Reach out to the people behind the bar. They are knowledgeable and passionate (some about wine, others about sake, others about cocktail/spirits) and will lead you on a tour of great drinks.
  5. Must order (includes, but not limited to): sashimi, chinmi, salmon trout
  6. Drink shochu.

Best way to enjoy your experience at Shibumi is to cancel your reservation and eat elsewhere


About 3 weeks in and the $88 marble fish (same prep, same fish) is now 36% cheaper at $56. So yeah, i would say that fish at $88 was overpriced.
I guess only rubes who “never had good fish before” would pay $88 for a fish… oh wait.