Ann Arbor guys

I am going there for Thanksgiving - last one in the ancestral home before we sell it. Will hit up the classics; Zingerman’s various iterations, Pizza Bob’s, Krazy Jim’s, the Fleetwood, as well as new places…particularly the Grange, and Wolverine brew pub. Will report back on the Midwest board. Sorry my posting has been so sporadic but have been crazy busy at work.

The ancestral home…


Cottage Inn Italian sub? Bell’s tuna grinder?

Lovely house. Where in AA is it?

Burns Park…East Park Place…Hopefully will hit those as well…Although Dominick’s family are friends from 50 years ago so I might substitute them for Cottage Inn (I only have eight days). My brother is working on getting a heritage turkey from a farm on Zeeb road. We may be a bit late on ordering. Will let you all know.

have a safe trip.

go blue.