Any great Live Jazz venues around L.A.?

listen to the music if your askin about jazz clubs!

The Mint is not a jazz club…rock & roll and an occasional jazz band!

Hip Kitty has been dead for quite some time

You wont hear better jazz than Azar Lawrence’s Quintet at the Sea Bird Lounge in Long Beach this Sat nite(12/26) Step up if you really dig the music!

True but we were also talking blues, which it does feature.

I’m glad someone finally mentioned the Blue Whale. I haven’t been there yet, but I’ve been out of town for a while, and it’s at the top of my list of places to visit. I’ll comment about a couple of the previously-mentioned places:

Vitello’s used to be great. There was a time when they were even serious about the food, but in the last year or so, the food had become scary bad.

Catalina is your best bet for “name” talent, although you have to shop wisely, since there’s a lot of pseudo-jazz presented there. It’s expensive, too, and if the music is lame it’s easy to ask yourself why you’re there.

This coming Monday 12/28) the Late Night Jazz Orchestra plays at Typhoon SantaMonica, featuring Nick Mancini plus special guest Kim Richmond on lead Alto, Kim Richmond also appears regularly at a place called Desert Rose. Also Google Barry Zweig, an excellent guitarist who appears regularly around town.

I guess these days, it’s better to seek out the players for info, rather than depending on a club. But then, i suppose it’s always been that wasy.

Actually, many many musicians love playing there and do so repeatedly. There is no better room sound wise in town.

yes, blues can on occasion be found there

these daze, jazz at the Lighthouse is limited to Sunday brunch and possibly a Wed early evening slot


yeah, Sally Kellerman, one of the great jazz singers!

I was just mentioning Sally because I had seen her there recently. And she puts on a hell of a show.

No reason to be so confrontational.

Vibrato IMHO is the best place in LA sound-wise as @Thor says and also has good food.

Seth McFarland (yes, I know not a jazz singer) plays all over the US and loves Vibrato for the acoustics.This is a guy who put an IMAX Theater in his house.

Happy Holidays to you.

oops…my bad…I meant the Liquid Kitty, out on Pico…yes, Hip Kitty is gone-gone.

that would be true.

go to the Sea Bird Lounge this Sat nite in Long Beach where you’ll hear great jazz: the Azar Lawrence Quintet!

didnt think expressing a true and deeply felt opinion was confrontational…people were talking about jazz…glad Sally put on a great show; I dont doubt it…but shes not a jazz singer…Seth McFarland? no comment…and Vibrato’s is to jazz as chicken mcnuggets are to coq au vin! who cares about the sound quality when the band is drowned out by the disrespectful yappers who want their “jazz” to be quiet background music! hard to believe a “musician” owns it!

Since the OP was talking about real jazz, something that is scarce these days, mentioning authenticity is on topic and probably not intended as confrontational, at least towards you. Towards Sally Kellerman, maybe. A lot of people are steamed to see “jazz festivals” that don’t have a single jazz artist on the program, and it’s tough looking for a club that doesn’t feature “smooth jazz,” or rock hybrids, or funk stuff that is cool in its own way but not at all jazz. Jazz has become such a niche item that the old-style jazz club is just about gone, and the future is in the small venues in every city, the ones that don’t advertise much and are known mostly to the cognescenti.

FWIW, using the OP’s example of miles davis’ kind of blue, we kinda boiled it down 3 days ago.

so we could censure any subsequent post not taking heed.

but we don’t do that kind of thing here, do we?



Yup, we boiled it down–and I love that description. I have a friend who says his taste in jazz extends to anything that is pre-Bitches Brew.