Any Must Visit Restaurants Near San Mateo?

Hi @robert, @catholiver,

No, actually, just good food. :sweat_smile: That’s why I originally posted this in the previous “Downtown SF recs” thread (which highlighted more of what I was interested in).

Really it’s just about great food in the general SF area; what are the can’t miss spots (hole-in-the-wall, or fine dining is fine).

From the last thread and last visit, thanks to everyone’s suggestions we were able to try Saison (amazing!), In Situ (also awesome!), and try out Arsicault Bakery for Croissants (which were really really good). :slight_smile:

This time we’re in San Mateo and only briefly, so I’m just wondering if there are “FTC worthy” restaurants in the area, or just continue to follow down the long list of great recs from everyone in the Downtown SF thread (i.e., the best food is in Downtown SF proper, just plan on a long commute for Dinner and skip San Mateo)?


I live in SF, but when I think of San Mateo and food, I think of RAMEN. Believe it or not, the ramen offerings in SF suck. San Mateo seems to have cornered the market.

I liked Ramen Dojo a lot (very spicy options)… also Santa Ramen and Himawari. Good luck.

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Much of the best food in the Bay Area is not in SF, and many of the best places in SF are not downtown.

You might consider Little Yangon or Burmese Kitchen. That’s one cuisine we have that LA pretty much doesn’t.

Hi @robert,

Thanks! Yah, I guess what you’re saying above is what I’m trying to get recommendations on (outside of Chinese and some Japanese food). :sweat_smile:

I have La Ciccia for example, bookmarked from the last thread I was asking about SF recommendations (one of your favorites). :wink: And many other eateries were given out that all seem to reside in Downtown SF area.

If I take out the Chinese and Japanese recs you mentioned a few posts up, are the remaining ones the “must visit” best food spots that you’re referring to that’s outside of Downtown SF?



One other question for everyone:

Any recommendations on Breakfast in the San Mateo area?


The other topic was specifically asking about downtown.

Breakfast in San Mateo area:

Nini’s Coffee Shop (large American breakfast plates)
Neal’s (close to Wakuriya) and the next location is in Millbrae (two freeway exits north) - good fluffy pancakes

Though these are further away from downtown.

If in the downtown area, there’s Three near one of the hotels. You can also consider something a bit easier, like Philz Coffee and grab a breakfast burrito, quiche, or English muffin egg turkey sausage sandwich (the non burrito pastries are from Starter Bakery, very tasty…and the quiche/burrito/English muffin sandwiches taste really good with the Palo Alto Fireman’s hot sauce, of which they give little packets of them).

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Thanks again.

Any suggestions for Lunch in the San Mateo / Foster City area?

For Breakfast or lunch, maybe try Kitchentown. It’s in Burlingame, but right next door and a hidden one. Good, seasonal. Good coffee too.

Or, also in Burlingame, Alana’s Cafe. Swedish oatmeal pancakes for the win. Walk to Peet’s for the coffee.

I’d second the recommendation for ramen. I’d go to Santa Ramen. Either lunch or dinner. Pork cheek meat with black garlic. Yum.

For higher end, I like Wakuriya for modern kaiseki. For omakase, Yoshizumi or Sakae (close by in Burlingame) are both good. Easier to get into Sakae.

An almost literally hidden gem is Allspice. Modern Indian with a Michelin star. Just off el Camino near 92. I’m also a fan of Rasa in Burlingame. Also Indian with a star.

And if you’re in downtown San Mateo at lunch time and car-less, take out sushi from the Suruki Japanese market, “street” Indian from Curry Up Now, ramen at Ramen Parlor (lighter) or Ramen dojo (spicy).

Have a good trip.

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Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone has additional / new recommendations for Lunch in the San Mateo area (or nearby surroundings)?