Anywhere to buy sourdough starter in South OC?

where are you buying grain?

from kings roost too. he has plenty of grain.

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Ooni coming this week but can’t make it to any places so I ordered from Grist & Toll. Going to test out with regular AP flour first then move onto the good stuff after we get the hang of pizza making.

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depends on what type of pizza you’re planning to make…but Kings roost has the central milling 00 which is really good. but if you have bread flour, i would do that instead of AP for most pizza dough applications

2nd for 00 or bread flour, not AP… you want higher protein count. all markets will have bread flour

Thanks. I have bread flour and will probably go to Bristol or Cortinas to pick up 00.

i played with AP flour for years making pasta… then pizza… then when i got bread flour i saw the difference in strength the protein makes. it’ll work either way though for practice.

There’s not really any such thing. Starter is a living community of yeasts and bacteria. Within weeks or months, you’ll have a new batch of microorganisms. If you take a batch of starter from one place to another, natural selection will typically result in local yeasts and bacteria supplanting some of those in the original culture.

Same story with mother doughs bakeries use? There is lots of lore of keeping them through generations

It’s a nice tradition, but I don’t think there’s any basis in physics or biology for it affecting flavor past a few weeks.

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This was my understanding, as well. Purchasing a starter bypasses the initial few wks you need to wait until you have a stable culture but that starter will eventually get replaced ny the organisms that are in your geographic area.

I said the same near the beginning of this topic, but it IS pretty good marketing. I paid $15,for what I’d guess is maybe 50¢ worth of starter if you include the labor and the jar. But I DO get to say I have some 200 year-old legend in my fridge. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I use King Arthur AP or Bob’s Red Mill AP (or even TJ’s AP) to feed my starters (I have three different starters), but bake with King Arthur Organic Bread Flour mixed with 50 or 100g of whatever I’m in the mood for that day - Hayden bread flour, French Country flour (from Epicurous Gourmet), Italian 00, Organic Spelt, KA Wheat, Organic Rye - it’s great fun to switch it up.


I have a question about modifying recipes for diff flours. Didn’t want to hijack the thread, so I posted here:

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Thank you for the link to that topic. It looks like it will be really helpful given the point I’m at in this process.

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