APL Restaurant

Were you raised by wolves? Or did they too leave you for adoption?


And stop picking on @robert. It was a joke. :roll_eyes:


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Fly Eagles fly!
On the road to victory!
Fight! Fight! Fight!

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For $10 they should at least slice it tableside


That’s all you ordered?

Those onions are making me cry.



burrata, stonefruit, acacia honey
Sadly this was the highlight of the night. the barely in season peaches weren’t bad and the burrata was fine.

felony knife
sharper than a lego you just stepped on with your bare feet.

signature apl short rib, pickle salad
I must have gotten the ribs of an anorexic cow; how they made a fatty cut like this into a dry, insipid hunk of meat is beyond me. It tasted like a bland, smokeless, lean brisket, that needed some bbq sauce. Nothing like the fatty, juicy, silky ribs that you get at majordomo or even at events where APL is serving the ribs himself. I’m hoping this was an opening-weekend anomaly, but at this price point i won’t be returning until i hear positive reports. Yes, sergio was in the kitchen.



cold sweet onions
recipe here

not a toto

The space was very dark and corporate, it felt like i was dining at an upscale corner bakery. Service was friendly but over-attentive, runners were literally standing over my shoulder while I ate.


Yikes. Opening night at any restaurant is a crapshoot, but you’d think he’d have the barbecue down pat.

That looks like a smaller cut than Majordomon’s whole plate. Were the bones shorter?

The first Yelp report is pretty negative, though it seemed like he got better food. Sounds like overstaffed and undertrained.


Thanks for taking one for the team @PorkyBelly. Sounds pretty terrible, and I’m still offended by the slices of onion for $10 (and I wasn’t even there!). :frowning: :sweat: Their signature Short Ribs (the only reason to go), sounds like a disaster. :frowning:


Yikes indeed. Still bummed he went this route instead of opening up a BBQ spot.

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Well the short ribs looked pretty…

FTC ban on APL?


Is this the same recipe from Daisy Mays in NYC?

i asked about these and apparently they’re just regular fries because they couldn’t “get” duck fat.

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same size

:joy::rofl::joy::rofl: Brilliant​:joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


The handle of that illustrious steak knife looks very uncomfortable to hold. Esp. for anyone suffering from arthritis. Antithesis of Oxo…

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Ahhhh…explains why they needed the specially forged knives…

Sucks ass.
What happened to “the fucking fries?”