April 2018 Weekend Rundown

I was at Mar Vista Farmers Market today, and discovered that Little Fatty is now open for brunch (since January apparently!). Great cocktails, very pretty and springlike.

I tried the congee, which was made in my favorite slightly soupy texture. I ordered it with the optional grilled eel. The eel was beautifully cooked, crispy skin with nice fat underneath and a light sauce. This was a pretty good breakfast. I don’t know who they have on the morning shift, but they’re doing a great job.

Side note: The preserved egg is julienned and served in a small pile on top. It was very strong and stinky. I’m used to little pieces mixed into the congee itself, so next time I’ll ask them to leave it off.

AKA Just the way it should be. Except the pile should be bigger.

Chef David himself does much of the brunch cooking. He da’ man.

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Just a warning for those of us that aren’t as enamored of that delicacy as others. :slight_smile:

And yes, he da man. There was also an older Chinese guy keeping an eye on the open kitchen area, and he seemed really on top of things.

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i also love their burger but last time i went (maybe a month ago) it was salted to the point of almost being inedible, and i generally don’t mind a lot of salt. going to chalk this up to an off night.

never had a bad biscuit there however.

Sycamore Kitchen - almond brioche French toast, one of their specials. This was outrageous, rich and custardy middle with a crunchy almond crust. The strawberries were just on the sweet side of tart, so they (along with the fluffy whipped cream) balanced out the sweetness of the bread.

Not pictured was a flourless lemon custard cake, which was also outrageous. It was still warm, so cutting into it was a little like a molten lava cake, except with the lemon curd in the center spilling out. We got it to go but couldn’t resist taking a bite there - in the cramped to-go container, just wouldn’t have looked good in a picture.


That is one of the best pastry case items I’ve had. We always anticipate getting that but we’ve gotten shit out before.

*shut - sorry…


Nope, nope, nope… Nope! It’s not just a hamburger. It is thoughtfully planned and executed sublimity. :roll_eyes: I kid you not. One that even @Bookwich would appreciate. It is your moral obligation @ronsilverado, to inform the creators of this grave transgression!

What the hell is wrong with me? I live down the street from this!


Division 3, Glassell Park location. They also have a Hollywood location on Hollywood x Bronson.

Small little walk up with patio seating in the back. I have seen them in a few foodie lists for Breakfast Sandwiches. And the pics look good.

Menu. They also have a specials menu by the register I saw a pork belly and blueberry, and a coffee braised brisket.

These are messy sandwiches. This is the Corned Beef. I have to say the eggs, biscuit, and sauce are the dominant flavors here. I did like the corned beef when tasted on its own but in this sandwich it got owned by the other components. As a whole it is messy and very tasty. I think next time I’ll try the Bacon or even the Salmon. These are tiny btw, like 3-5 bites bye gone down in the belly.

So I got another…

The Chorizo. This was one of the workers favorite. This was better. The Chorizo is split and is well seasoned. Like all of there breakfast sandwiches the combination of egg and biscuit is just wonderful.

D3 makes a great alternative/options for breakfast from the usual good Mexican breakfast joints in Northeast LA. Give them a shot.

Sari Sari Store’s Buko Pie!!!

As you guys know I am COCONUT everyting!!!
I love Thai Coconut Cakes hot from the griddle. I already knew I loved this pie before I ate it (cue Savage Garden!

That crumble on top!!
Then that are pieces of coconut underneath!
Then underneath is the best damn coconut custard in LA.

My only splitting hair complaint would be I would have liked my pie slightly warm, giggity giggity

Mapo Kkak Doo Gee is one of the best home style Korean joints in Ktown, powered by some Korean Aunties who can throw down some good ass food.

The banchan;

Those potatoes!!!

Got #28. Hand torn dough flakes in a seafood broth. The flakes had a great chew and texture. Broth was very comforting, which I think had some clams thrown in.

Would come back again and again!!

Little Tokyo Galleria, the cart is outside in between parking structure and market across from Daiso.

After being rejected at Zion Market on 6th x Alex, I came here. (Why do you still have a sign for Hotteok if you ain’t going to serve it???)

They are here everyday from 1030-2000 ran by a very sweet Korean couple. This is my 1st Hotteok, and I just love the flavor combination! I just wish there was more filling, but hey it’s 1 for $2, made to order.

Went inside for some of my favorite ice cream in LA

Got the Injeolmi, slight nutty flavor with some mochi.
Had the Yakgwa before and it was very good. Sampled the black sesame, wow very very nutty, they didn’t hold back. Give this place a try for tradtional Korean and East Asian flavors. They might be moving to Ktown soon.

Speaking of Ktown…

All this talk of this place I gotta give it a try. I don’t eat Korean BBQ so this was a nice and expensive treat.

The sides

Come on baby light my fire

Got the Chuck Flap aka Meat Flower.

Very tender, slight beef flavor, perfect with a tiny dip in soy and a pinch of salt. This was too good!!

Gangnam Bulgogi.
I know this was suppose to be slightly sweet, but I didn’t get any slightly sweet notes at all. It’s still good because of the quality.

Scarface likes it!! Most overrated actor ever btw yelling and being angry is not always good acting lol

But hey at least he likes good Korean BBQ!


You had me until the end and now we can’t be friends anymore.


I love this place.

Been going for a while now.

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nice report @JeetKuneBao. :slight_smile: So glad you liked Gwang Yang. :slight_smile:

So how was the hotteok dessert?

There it is again. Coconut Loving Custard Eaters!

Great celebrity sighting. But no shit! I love Al, but that crazy yelling guy is a lazy schtick he’s developed. Did you see @Ns1’s comment? Shhh… a lot of guys (my husband and homies included) think it’s sacrilege not to like Pacino’s man’s man characters. I once did a monologue for said homies on why his characters were flawed and one dimensional (complete with a montage of a few greatest hits (“Everytime I try to get out they pull me back in… Because she’s got a great ass… I’ll take a pound of flesh no more no less!”) One of the guys called my husband (boyfriend at the time) afterward to ask if I was serious and if so he should reconsider taking the relationship further. Very funny, haha… But you know who agrees with you and me? Al Pacino! He said his last good performance was in Dog Day Afternoon. I actually don’t agree. IMO Tony Montana was one of the greatest screen characters, ever. It was obvious Al created that guy himself. But yes, “Say hello to my little friend” was probably the beginning of the end.

…Okay, back to food. Michael did finally learn how to make Clemenza’s sauce.



Haha great story! I would love to see that monologue.
Pacino has his moments, not as one dimensional as say Jason Statham, but not on the level of Daniel Day Lewis and Gary Oldman, but then again who is for those 2?

It wasn’t a celebrity sighting just a picture from their “Wall of Celebrities” like what Parks has.

You gotta try that pie!


I wanted more filling tbh because I like the combination of nut, cinnamon, brown sugar, and honey. I really have no basis for this as I never had it in Korea and no one else seems to make it in Ktown or even out in the suburbs. If anyone knows where else to get hotteok lemme know.

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Yes, I included his hand gestures as well.

He does. That YouTube clip actually made me love him again. And I didn’t even need a quaalude.

P.S. I wasn’t super impressed with Sari Sari Store, but definitely wanted to give them another shot. I’m all in on trying that pie!


Now we’re getting into the Steven Seagal School of Thespianitry…

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Statham isn’t quite that bad… is he?


Yes, he is.


A Friday in April at Eataly

It was our first time eating there and we really didn’t know what we were doing. La Piazza seemed like an easy choice.


Il Moro

I usually don’t like mixers with bourbon, but this was delicious.

Aperol Spritz

I really liked this sparkler.

Bread Service


Insalata di Rucola

I didn’t expect much more than a pile of greens, cheese shavings with a squirt of lemon and splash of olive oil. But this dressing was terrific. :slightly_smiling_face:

Lasagna Classica

This was a very nice lasagna bolognese w/béchamel. The pool of tomato sauce was not slow cooked, a little too acidic. You can’t tell from photo, but it could have used more sauce. I’m a bread dipper. Ask for extra sauce.

Tagliatelle al Forno con Ragu di Agnello

Tagliatelle (not lasagna noodles) Lamb & Mushroom. It looks delicious, but was not. It could have used more mint or I don’t know what, but it was not as interesting as the name or the description. Interestingly, the sauce was better than the Classica, but I would not order this again.

Take Home Provisions

Nice start to the weekend.