Artelice - new dessert place in WestLA

Stumbled up this place while going to Balconi coffee. It’s situated right next door, at a location where a gentleman would make crepe ice cream faces on his desserts. Now it serves pretty amazing delicacies. You can get coffee at Balconi and sit at a table in front, enjoying the desserts.

I’ve been four times now and each time, I found the desserts to be excellent. I am not a fan of the macaroons, though. I had a matcha green tea that was bitter and the other flavors were good, but somehow not to my taste.

The tirasmu dessert is delicious! Chocolate dessert was also fantastic! The chocolate eclair is heaven for a dark chocolate lover - but I preferred the caramel.

I think the milk chocolate one with nuts was called Roche and is so rich and decadent!

Each time I go, they have a larger selection.

They also now have mini versions of the desserts.

The only off putting thing was they offered to sell me a box for the maracoons. That seems a little chintzy.


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