Banh cuon 101: Everything you need to know about Vietnamese rice sheets

The L.A. Times food section is doing some really exciting things during its relaunch. This week, Andrea Nguyen gives a tutorial on banh cuon in the Little Saigon region. I love it that she has the definition and pronunciation of certain terms for added learning, and she mentions to one of the business owners that they are undercharging for such a well-crafted meal.
Also great for folks who couldn’t go to @hppzz’s Food Bowl event.


here’s my 626 banh cuon rec:


Thanks I’m glad these places are getting the much deserved attention outside of FTC

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This must be banh cuon week…and my sign to find them for lunch this weekend.
Congratulations to @hppzz for a cool write up done by Tejal Rao.


Thank you! We’ve gotten so many requests to have another class so… now that the nyt article is out, guess we must do it huh?