Baroo (East Hollywood)

You wish lol

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I somewhat liked the homade fettuccine Alfredo without the fucking alfredo.

There was some celelery root puree on that shit.

And that fucking fermented rose water was pretty fucking dope.

I like the fucking Ballast Point Sculpin we got at Tony’s Liquor store across Santa Monica Blvd the best.


We went last night and asked about the faux ox tail because it was pretty convincingly meaty. That’s because it is meat! A mixture of oxtail shank and tendon. Not sure why they are describing it as “faux” but the dish is not labeled vegetarian and is not. We did really like it and we liked the gim grain bowl. The grains tasted toasty and were delicious with the seaweed and berries. Even better with the house-made pickles.

Ended ordering the identical items as @TonyC; celeriac pasta and Noorook. Not sure what to make of the place… My lame attempt, fancy healthy grain/veg food…? Interesting but not quite wow-worthy. Everything was very well executed and plated though.


I guess I forgot to post about my meal the other week.

I’ve never had anything like the noorook. I’d eat that for lunch all the time if I could figure out how to make it.

I asked the chef, by “faux” he means he’s not using the traditional ragù technique. The oxtail is real. The tendon is the crisp chicharron-like chips on top. Great dish, I’d be happy to see more Korean-Italian fusion.


just had this and it oddly tasted like hamburger helper stroganoff to me. i actually have fond memories of hamburger helper so it was quite comforting. i liked it a lot.

Adding my thoughts here (was also in my weekend rundown).

Much has been said already about this strange, experimental place. It seems a bit polarizing to various members here. I held off on going for so long because of it.

Baroo is in a rather nondescript, humble little strip mall along Santa Monica Blvd., with no signage. Walking in, and you’re greeted by a few small tables and you’re face-to-face with a wall of Fermenting Things.

House Fermented Kombucha with Elderflower:

We wanted to try the Rose version since @kevin raved about it, but they were sold out. I’ve had Kombucha before, but not like this: It’s super tart, funky and somewhat refreshing. :open_mouth: Not sure I’d order it again.

Celeriac (Handmade Pasta) - Celery Roots, Celery Crudite with Pickled Mustard Seeds, Celery Ash, Crispy Jerusalem Artichoke, and Edible Flowers:

I think this dish summarizes the dichotomy in reaction by most visitors here: You look at the ingredients (written in large letters on the wall), and then eat the dish. Then you look at the ingredients again.

It tastes like an elevated version of Fettucine Alfredo, or maybe a Beef Stroganoff without the Beef, but slightly different. :stuck_out_tongue: There’s a slight tang, but it’s also savory and rather tasty.

But it’s strange. You see the fancy / exotic ingredients, you see the prep work done in the kitchen, and the taste is somewhat familiar but strange.

Kimchi Fried Rice - Pineapple, Fermented Kimchi, Amira Basmati Rice, 63 degree C Sous Vide Egg, Gremolata, Pineapple Jalapeno Salsa, Surple Potato Chip, Roasted Seaweed, Toasted Buckwheat & Quinoa, and Micro Greens:

This is another strangely disconnected dish. I can see why some people order “Kimchi Fried Rice” and you have expectations and then you taste Baroo’s version.

This tastes nothing like a standard “Kimchi Fried Rice” at all. We were mentally prepared after reading all the differing views on this place, so I was just prepared to eat weird flavors LOL.

It’s spicy, salty (not overly so), almost tastes like there’s Anchovies in this (but there’s not), with a bit of sweet as well. There’s no great wok crisping going on here. So as a “Fried Rice”? I think it’s disappointing. But as a “What did I just eat?” strange, new taste? It wasn’t bad, and rather tasty in an “alternate healthy take on a dish” sort of way.

Baroo’s Ragu Style (Handmade pasta) - Spicy Faux Oxtail Ragu, Tendon Puff, Gremolata with Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes, Krout Powder, Three Years Aged Parmagiano Reggiano:

The ingredients sound like it’s some kind of extravagant, unique pasta dish, but the taste is that of a delicious, but standard “Beef Ragu Pasta.” It’s not bad at all, but for all the “mad scientist” PR and articles written about Baroo and its chef, we felt like we were eating a clean, “chef version” of a Beef Ragu Pasta, but nothing unique.

Noorook (Koji) - Mixed Grains with Job’s Tears, Kamut, & Farro Grains, Roasted Koji Beet Cream, Concentrated Kombu Dashi, Toasted Seeds (Sunflower & Pumpkin) & Macadamia Nuts, Fingerlime, and Rose Onion Pickle:

This was probably the most unique dish at Baroo, and one that finally lent credence to the “What the hell did I just eat?!” reaction some people ask after going to Baroo.

The Noorook is nutty, slightly tart, and definitely unique. We’ve tasted nothing like this before.

But is it good? Is it tasty? I think so. It’s different, but the composition is such that, the combined ingredients come together to make a dish that is pleasing to the palate, although strange.

In the end, I think “Experimental Fermentation” is probably one way to describe Baroo. Is it the most exciting / greatest new restaurant in L.A. (as named by one famous magazine)? Out of our group that went that night, only 1 person thought it was really unique and outstanding. The rest of us felt some dishes were interesting and very unique (Noorook), while other dishes were well-executed, but ultimately “Alternate Vegetarian” versions of familiar dishes. I enjoyed my visit to Baroo, but it wasn’t something I found myself craving the next day.

5706 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90038
Tel: (323) 819-4344


so… literally nothing has changed since they opened. thanks for taking one for the team, again. did you go for a few tacos al pastors down the street like we did? cuz I was hungry AF afterwards and it wasn’t because of all the probiotics in the booch.

for sure, i’m going back for v1.2 just so I can substantiate my initial impression, again.

Q: does AMEX Plat refund for completely shitty meals? @ipsedixit?


Hi @TonyC,

Yah! In fact that was the first thing one of my friends said as we walked out after dinner: “Wanna hit up Leo’s?” LOL :slight_smile:


Good report @Chowseeker1999, and funny too. “Fermenting Things” :smiley:. I appreciate your honesty. I think most people don’t quite know what to make of the food, and assume because of the great write ups they must be missing something.

We had the Rose Kambucha. Our reaction to it was the same as yours about the Elderflower. Baroo’s is definitely the real deal, not the toned down Kambucha for wider appeal. I didn’t care for it.

It was their last day before closing when we went and were bummed they were out of the Ragu and Kimchi Fried Rice. Sounds like we didn’t miss much. But like you, we really enjoyed the Noorook.

The staff couldn’t be sweeter.

Thanks for sharing!


People have a hard weekend, and they need to detox.

People go to Baroo, and then need to toxify.


Hi @TheCookie,

Thanks. :slight_smile: Good to know the Rose Kombucha was also pretty tart, bummer.

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Baroo was just named one of Bon Appetit’s “10 Best New Restaurants of 2016.”

Strangely, they don’t mention the seemingly required Leo’s Tacos bang bang.

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I don’t think the amount of food they’ll serve you at Baroo qualifies as half of a bang-bang. It’s more like a couple of light appetizers before sitting down to a serious meal.

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KPCC’s “Take Two” did a piece/interview with BA senior editor Julia Kramer on Baroo making the U.S.Top Ten list. Audio is just over six minutes:


They also voted Baroo’s Kimchi Fried Rice Best Dish of 2016.

To quote myself.

I may get slammed on this one. But Andrew Knowlton gives off a “better than others” vibe. He seems to look down his nose at popular foods and trends (no matter how delicious) and picks restaurants he thinks make him look cutting edge. Which is not what I want from a food expert/editor. I also think it’s not “cool” in the food world to admit how good the L.A. food scene is. So they pick an unusual little spot like Baroo.

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Baroo is interesting, perhaps.

Best? No.


Is any other LA restaurant that opened in LA between May 2015 and May 2016 more deserving of national attention? I haven’t been to many of them, but it was one of the most original restaurants I’ve been to anywhere in recent years, and the one LA place I most wanted to go back to last time I was in town.

I think Julia Kramer did a perfectly good job of defending their choice in that SCPR podcast.

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Broken spanish

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