Barrio Logan early June

Coming down to SD for some baseball and thinking of a Barrio Logan crawl. This will be first weekend so Color Tier restrictions will still be in place but hopefully minimal and planning on keeping to places that have outdoor.

Barrio Dogg, Border X, Thorn Street, Attitude Brewing, Las Cuatro Milpas all seem like good spots. Any word on Hott Mess or other recommended stops? Ryan Bros for coffee or is there a better choice? TIA

:+1: for barrio dog, border x and cuatro milpas. Haven’t been to the others. Supposed to be able to get grand ole bbq at Padres games now/soon but not sure how much of the concessions are up and running.

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I haven’t been able to swing a trip to grand Ole so that would be great. I tend to hit Buena Forchetta at Petco recently.

Wound up at Border X since Barrio Dogg had a long line. Great patio, wonderful mango michelada and good golden stout. Not quite at the level of Naughty Sauce but was not nitro or a coffee stout.

Adobada tacos on good tortilla but essentially a salt lick. Arrechera was the way to go with them grilling over wood outside and a nicely mid rare smoky steak.

Great vibe on Logan St between Salud, Border X and Barrio Dogg and other places that were bustling.

Hodads onion rings at the game not pictured but piping hot out of the fryer, perfect crumb coating and a great ballpark snack. They had Barrio Dogg at Petco as well, but am sitting closer to Grand Ole today…