Beating a dead horse

I went this morning. What a huge waste of time. A lot of low quality junk with many items priced higher than retail grocery stores. Unless they have something specific you can’t find elsewhere, save yourself a trip and skip this.

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I’m glad you found it worthwhile. It wasn’t for me. YMMV.

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What @Jase said.

That’s a crackup - going on the last day and complaining there’s nothing good left on the floor.

If you take time out of your day to go you should know what you’re doing, have the product sheet or know what you want. There’s plenty in the back and they’re more than happy to pull it out for you. Negotiating is key, but I still found some items a third of the cost of retail. Going in with a positive attitude is key too. We had another good day. :blush:


Perhaps you could have posted that instead of completely thrashing it like you did in your original reply when so many other people in previous visits and this one found so many other items worthwhile.

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Why’s that? Are we not allowed to say that we didn’t like a restaurant just because other people liked it? Not sure why people are getting so defensive about my comment. Like I said, if they have something specific you’re looking for, like you and the ramen, then by all means. But I went just to see what cool stuff they had and didn’t find anything worth buying and I may have saved someone else a trip that were curious like me.

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Nah, that’s not equivalent to what you said. But if you can’t see that possibility and don’t understand some of the comments from the other posters, then it’s not really worth extending this conversation.

Enjoy your night.

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Definitely not equivalent. :smile: