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Guys never grow up.


Omg, I need that cauliflower panna cotta in my mouth.

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Well, I wouldn’t exactly say that. But I did read you don’t start making completely rational decisions until you’re 50.

#Ugly drum
The bark was so dark edgar allan poe wrote a story about it.
Spoiler alert: the pastrami dies at the end


Been craving that sandwich lately. You’re not helping.

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21 day aged liberty duck. Just ducking perfect.

#Sushi tsujita

Sashimi bowl, bara chirashi

#Here’s looking at you
Yuzu tart and white chocolate with binchotan charcoal kissed meringue


Halo Halo @ Cripsy House


Grilled Baby Abalone from EP/LP:

Grilled Lamb Neck from EP/LP:


Howlin’ level sandwich at Howlin’ Rays


How did you like EP? I guess a lot if you are posting on Best Bites!

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here here. i had not heard of ep/lp. worth a drive or more of a “in the area” kinda thing?
since a rooftop bar is always pleasant, how be the drinks?


LA times food section did an interesting piece on the chef and how he makes his seafood curry.
Made me eager to try the guy’s goods.


thanks for the info.

I haven’t heard much about EP/LP until i heard the chef on good food and that got me intrigued. The menu and pictures look interesting. It has 2.5 stars on yelp for some reason, i think most of the bad reviews are for the rooftop bar though.


The West Hollywood “exclusive rooftop bar scene/velvet rope deal” is generally not a bellweather for fine cuisine. Hell It took me a while to find the actual restaurant menu on their web site - had to wade through a lot of bar snacks and lots of booze.
But when I found the menu - I got kind of excited.

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Aaand reservations made

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All: EP/LP currently one of the top meals of the year for us. The lamb neck dish is my wife’s new favorite dish.


Is there a way to go to this place without dealing with the club atmosphere?

I was hoping by going early i could avoid the bros. Thoughts @theoffalo?

I totally guessing since I have never been but Mon- Wed is unlikely to be filled with EDM Club Happy folks in their finest.