Best Chinese Turnip Cake 蘿蔔糕 (entire package)?

Cool coincidence. I was just looking at this slide show and in particular the Turnip Cake (luo buo gao). But if you don’t mind a slight drift - can anyone identify the stew-like dish to the left of the Poon Choi on slide #11?

Can’t really tell. Looks like a bunch of home cooked dishes. The poon choi itself has a broth or sauce when most traditional preps don’t.

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Hah… I was also wondering how traditional those dishes looked. Thanks!

I‘m also a big fan of turnip cake. Last year there was a cake maker from Taiwan. He sold scallop turnip cake for only like 2 months I guess? Well I only got to get one package (approx. 600g) since somehow everyone was like all acknowledged of this guy, or this brand from Taiwan. I found it crazily hard to get one. I googled this 梁家瘋味 and seems so popular in Taiwan. The sad thing is there seems no more cakes from 梁家瘋味 this year. Sigh :frowning: