Best farmers' market in San Diego area?

About a month ago. Too much cooked items, hardly any good bread, jams, produce

HH, there is usually parking on University between Normal and Center which is really close for Hillcrest. The streets around the market and north of University almost never have parking, but I’ve generally had pretty good luck on University.

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I can’t remember when I’ve had any real problem parking for the Hillcrest market. DD has made good a suggestion for this one, too.

It really doesn’t sound like we are talking about the same market. There are three bakeries, and a bunch of different farms ( at least a dozen or more), and I saw at least 4 different vendors (maybe more) selling jellies and jams. There have been big changes . . . The PFM has changed location, layout and increased number of vendors. Not a bunch of food vendors except at either far end of the market. The whole center of the market is produce etc. I’d estimate 80% or more. Yeah it’s not huge, but the quality, variety, and selection is there. Little Italy is the biggest with the most vendors, but I think it’s also the biggest PIA.

Best place to park during the Mercato is at the lot adjacent to Cap’s Pizza on 1st and Ash.

Again, thanks for that immensely valuable information from you and DD. Parking is one of the main issues that keeps me away from the mercato.

I think that what you say is true for a lot of people. The potential for parking hassles can be a real deal-breaker.

This is why LPM has a very good chance to succeed.

Point well taken.

But back to the Mercato and parking for a minute.

Unless you plan on buying bushels of produce and crates of fruit, consider parking at the Old Town trolley station and taking the trolley to the Little Italy stop (just outside of J&I). That really is the key way to do it.

Well, yes. That’s actually also what we do, too. Except we park at Morena.

I’ve seen people do this for the fish market on Saturday’s at Seaport.


Does the Saturday fish market have a cleaning and fileting vendor yet?

Not as of April.

Bummer. Thx

I thought Chesapeake was offering the service for a while.

Looking at the list of markets I posted above, I’m not sure what Mercato or PFM refer to.

Sorry, The market in Little Italy = “Mercato” and PFM = Poway Farmer’s Market, PIA = Pain In . . .

For those in Alta San Diego County, there is the Vista Farmers Market on Saturday, with plenty o’ parking. I have found the selection to be very good, but then I am looking more for produce than any prepared products.

I didn’t realize that was so close. Amazing place. Thanks for the tip. I’m sad we’re too early for corn.

The smaller strawberries are a variety called Mar de Bois that taste like wild strawberries. Now if I only had some raw-milk crème fraîche.

If you want to see all this produce used in a great way go to Georges Modern in La Jolla (downstairs). Most of their produce on their menu comes from Chino Farms and they really know how to use it on a creative way