Best Fried Chicken Sandwich in LA?

Here is my list:

  1. Daybird. Easily the most high end, inventive and creative. Delicious in every way

  2. Le Coupe. A new standout but fantastic and fried to perfection. Also great sides, I put this narrowly ahead of Howling Ray’s. Very close.

  3. Howling Ray’s. The classic and those spices and seasoning are fantastic.


Fried chicken at Pikunico is good. I only eat that and yama imo so far. I think their chicken sando will be delicious, too. If you are looking for simpler batter that is lighter and not overwhelmed with all the spices.

(213) 278-0407

They have weekend izakaya from Friday night with lots of fun sides (plenty of vegetables options for vegetarians!) & drink, open until 9pm. They close at 8pm during weekdays.


I appreciate you including the contact information for your recommendation.

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You can’t trust Google for hours. They’re even worse than Yelp.

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*For pickup order time at Pikunico, cutoff time is at 8:45pm daily, extended hours is at 9:45pm for Friday and Saturday only if you order directly from Chownow. There are plenty of benches around to eat the hot chicken onsite, please don’t let it get soggy!

*Pikunico actually close at 8pm daily and opens until 9pm like it said on Google lately. They just made this change last week and haven’t able to update the website somehow. The weekend extended hour until 9pm is super!

Although @robert I noticed Google took a lot longer (2-4 weeks) to approve changes for business hours sometimes on a business profile. Regardless, my fried chicken place opens a lot later lately, making itself the best post workout snack :yum: *just put in a pickup order at 8:30 later tonight as I’m typing this.

I always call restaurants to verify hours I read anywhere online. Got burned way too many times.

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That’s the best way to reach them! Restaurant folks don’t have access to edit these info as quick as they want sometimes, especially on the technical side. If you ever visit them, Friday and Saturday will have more fun dishes off the menu.

Le Coupe’s sandwich was good and I’ll try it again; but I don’t know if I got the full hit of the “chili honey” that was promised on the branding. Looking forward to another visit.

Daybird and Howlin’ still crushing in their own ways.