Best Octopus Dish West of 405 (SM/Venice/WLA Preferred)?

Such a nice guy. I really hope he gets a following there. I had a good lunch and want to get back to try other stuff. I do worry, when I go by, it seems “sparsely populated” at best.

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How was Kettle Black? It’s in my hood but been hesitant to check it out as it seems like just a trendy place w/o the food to back it up.

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We’ve noticed a pretty steady increase in traffic - at least on the weekend dinner crowd. The place has been packed by 8-8:30PM. Carolos has been there every time.

I hope he’s trained some more helpers. When we were there he was doing nearly everything back of house, which made things a little slow. Food was worth the wait though!

That’s great news! I almost wrote, in that posting, that I tend not to drive by that stretch at night.

Great photograph! Reminds me that I should go back soon.

He’s got more staff now, and does not do all the back of house any more.

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loved it

Thanks, here are some other pics from our meal:

Fava Bottarga, yellow split peas, thyme, scallion.

Cod Skordalia, lemon-garlic mashed potato.

Lamb Avgolemono Magiritsa, a classic Greek stew w/braised lamb shoulder, heart, kidney, rice, egg, lemon, dill. (Offal good!)

Galaktoboureko, semolina custard, filo dough, honey, candied nuts.

(Sorry to derail but since I started this thread I reserve the right… But as to not be too obnoxious about it, I hyperlinked the images instead of embedding them.)

[Edit: Forgot one, the Lamb & Orzo, tomato, Parmesan.]

Good to know he has more help! I think for convenience sake, and to allow my daughter to study for her test, I will get the octopus from Inotheke tonight. Will definitely keep the other options in my back pocket. Keep the suggestions coming!


great to hear that. I’ll have to make a visit.

Pretty bad then huh? A shame.