Best pierogis in LA?

oh, well, shit happens.

From their Facebook page:

Good News!!! Polka will be opening soon!!We hope it will be first week of December… Check back soon for exact opening date, we will announce that at least 1 week before opening.


Are they that much better than Warszawa?

Apparently there is another Polka in Tustin:

Anyone been there? They look like they got maybe some down-home periogis there…

Fuck I’m really craving some. The only god damned thing the bastards in NYC seem to have beyond us are their periogis…

and fucking Frenchy restaurants,

old school red sauce italian.

ny style pizza


appetizing shit.

and kung pao pastrami.

and certain segments of Chinese cuisine like the Uighurs grub. of which we ain’t gots in fucking LA.

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Kung pao pastrami originated on the West Coast lol

Bagels at Wexler’s better than anything I’ve had in NYC.

Plenty of little places that do old-school red sauce as good as the crappy places in NYC. I guess Carbone is pretty fuckin good though. They just opened one in Vegas! lmao

Polka Deli is not a restaurant and I believe all the periogis are frozen. They are from Alexandra Foods, which was down the street from me when I lived in the Polish section of Chicago, so they are good but not homemade.

Thanks for saving me that trip.

Looks like I’ll have to head to Warszawa. Unless people report that they are actually just horrible there?

not really but i fucking digress.

LA has great deli’s.





i can’t even type that with a straight face.

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there used to be a lady who sold them at the farmers market in altadena with grilled onions and sour cream…

you’re probably better off looking for varenkykys or pelmeni which are the ukrainian and russian equivalents, usually also served with sour cream.

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These are the pierogis at Warszawa Santa Monica….A little bit dry for me.


there was a place on snow road in parma that offered a plate of pierogi’s with grilled onions and sour cream for $1.25 for lunch on fridays.

and at the polish catholic churches you could get them for lunch (meatless fridays). not sure if that’s true now.

EDIT: my most recent meal at sokolowski’s went back for my dad’s 90th b-day back in 2013.


Yep Weinermobile & Secretasianman -

I have a hard time with the perigees here in LA. Just not the ones I was used to.

But agree, I need to check out the frozen armenian dumplings - they look like they have a lot of potential and, are easily available.

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Like the khinpakali dumpling joint by way of Georgia in fucking Glendale ???

Hmmmm. You might just be onto somyhing

And that ain’t no fucking joke.

The xinkali and pilmeni at Sherman Way Grill and Pizza are quite good. You would never know from the name that they sell dumplings. The xinkali are like large soup dumplings, though I personally prefer the pilmeni, which are smaller and peppery.

Odessa Market on Magnolia and Laurel Canyon also sometimes has xinkali in its hot food case.

the khinkali are georgian version of soup dumplings.

Moscow Deli in OC

I can vouch for the borscht and pelmini which are excellent.

The vareniki (basically pierogi) I’ve never tried.

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You should go to Traktir.

is apparently in danger of shuttering for good as a consequence of the pandemic. they have a gofundme page to help raise funds to pay back rent.