Best Steakhouse?

Are the Blackmore Farms steaks at Gwen just over hyped schlock? Or is there real magic in them?

I haven’t dined at Gwen so take this with a grain of salt.

So far have not been impressed with what I’ve seen offered at Gwen’s butcher counter, just went on Sunday and I must say it looked worse than when it first opened, as in even less product, they didn’t even have any of the blackmore wagyu on display. What I saw when it first opened was lower degree of marbling vs. the pictures on Blackmore’s instagram. I believe there’s great stuff coming out of Blackmore but it’s not making it over to Gwen, or at least not offered at their butcher.

Can anyone attest to the quality of Gwen’s Blackmore wagyu served in the restaurant?

Never eaten at Gwen, but next to Olive-Fed Japanese Wagyu, Blackmore Wagyu is the next best thing. Heck, David Blackmore broke the Wagyu rating system all by himself.

That said, I don’t think I would ever really pick Wagyu as my first choice for steak.

So true.

How do you eat wagyu? Sashimi as Shibumi is doing?

Yazawa has the right idea…

BUT let’s remember to pay attention to the fact that OP specifically requested to steer away from Japanese wagyu.

Maybe I should’ve started my own thread… I was just wondering about the Blackmore stuff. Technically it’s not Japanese wagyu, though lol

Yazawa is alright, but I think I prefer steak actually.

I had an absolutely absurd night tonight trying to eat steak. I was turned away from Ink because people cannot enter the restaurant after 10 PM and my friend arrived at 10:01 so I had to cancel our 2 ribeyes + a half dozen side dish order…

Hit up Animal and convinced them to serve us at 10:07, but apparently they cook literally everything with peanut oil, and my friend is deathly allergic to it…who knew? Had to huzzle edit: GUZZLE, (but leaving the original mistake because I like it lol) my lebanese/bordeux and cancel the ribeye and a bunch of other dishes…sigh

Ended up finally going to Raku. It is bothersome that they sell what is certainly not Kobe beef as Kobe steak, it was ok, but think my Aspen Ridge skirt at Salazar last night was probably better sadly…

Maybe we should’ve hit up Gwen… but now I’m wondering if everywhere in LA is using peanut oil galore? Guess I’ll have to get aged ribeye by myself somewhere.

Although it does not offer individual prepared steak nor a steakhouse. Alexander’s Prime Meat and Catering carries both dry-aged prime bone-in ribeye and dry-aged prime tomahawk steak and most other cuts. I have not tried their catering.


Generally in small, discrete amounts.

Sliced thin, touched by the finger of Prometheus, and quickly into my mouth.

Should’ve been “guzzle” lol I like the semi-drunken slip up, though haha

Fair enough.

I guess to me the fattiness of wagyu seems awesome in a steak context, with the added crust of searing for example. Kiss of flame doesn’t seem to produce the same effect. I guess the searing is considered to kill off the delicate flavors or something though?

Definition: To hurriedly guzzle
Origin: In a state of Lebanese/Bordeaux wine-induced inebriation, FTC poster @Aesthete mistakenly invented the word now popular amongst three to four people. He went on to invent, with less success, other such words as: Quomp (a quick chomp) and Sweelurp (to sweetly slurp). He has still not hit up Gwen.


Holy shit I can die happy now!

It would be amazing if Huzzle really became a word :smiley:

I do feel inordinately bad about not having hit up Gwen though (I’ve only heard negative things though sadly) :frowning:

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i feel bad to harsh your mellow, but huzzle is present in the urban dictionary.

Oh damn, why did you ask about it before then if you knew the word? lol

because the definition wasnt really germane, even for your avante garde prose slinging.
i say this respectfully.

Ah, I see. I like Prez Mochi’s new definition better though! haha

Maybe I can get an edit into the UD entry! Some of the terms there have several definitions!


Interesting, have not been to the W in years. And I had no idea STK had moved there.
Is it a very LOUD restaurant? IIRC (when the dining room was under other management, at least 10 years ago) it was very hard to have a discussion the dining room.

It wasn’t a very loud room from what I can remember.
I think I went on a weekday evening and it was pretty low-key not a lot of people.
But DEFINITELY a better than steaks I had at Mastros (albeit Mastros has better ambiance)