Binchoyaki - Midtown - Sacramento, CA

Went for a belated birthday lunch with two other couples to this yakitori specialist in midtown. Bottom line, everything is good. I tried chicken heart, which was fine but not my favorite texture. The shrimp tacos were delicious but a lot. I’d skip them in favor of trying more stuff. The chicken thigh and tail (labeled cheekily ass ‘chicken ass’) are outstanding. The yaki onigiri are absolutely scrumptious. The wings have a nice spicy kick to them. The pork belly was a bit chewier than I might have liked. The bacon fried rice (w egg) was astonishingly good. Fantastic waitstaff, patient with our unfamiliarity and making great suggestions.

And they even comped me a birthday crème caramel!

And the cocktail of the table was the Shiso Pretty, a Japanese margarita with shiso syrup.

The bill for 6 came to about $350 with tax and tip including 6 drinks, so excellent value for money.

Next time I wanna go with a smaller group and sit at the bar.