Bistro Vida - Menlo Park

Menlo Park has an interesting set up of French (bistro style) restaurants sitting directly next to each other with quite related menus - Left Bank and Bistro Vida .We tried Left Bank before but now it was time to also see how Bistro Vida compares to it. Overall quality of cooking is quite similar (as are the prices), same with service. It’s nice to have these two options in the (extended) neighborhood (but it was also apparent how “sleepy” Menlo Park tends to be as both restaurants (as most others nearby) tend to close around 9:30pm on a weekend)

Assiette de Charcuteries - prosciutto, saucisson sec, pate, olives, cornichons

Coquilles - sauteed sea scallops, garlic, white wine, herb de provence

Tartare de Thon - ahi tuna, ginger, chives, yuzu

Olives Marinees - warm marinated olives

Cassoulet de Toulouse - duck confit, toulouse sausage, white beans

Vida Burger - roasted red bell pepper, gorgonzola, fries

Coq au Vine - red burgundy braised chicken, lardons, mushrooms, pearl onions, egg noodles

Bread Pudding - apples, raisins, and coconut, creme anglaise

Profiteroles - vanilla ice cream, warm chocolate sauce