Boyle Heights Recommendations

Hi All-

I’m moving to Boyle Heights in a few days after spending the last 5 years in Chicago. Aside from the well welcomed (by me) return of Nina and her pambazos, where else should I keep on my radar to eat at/drink at?



mariscos jalisco


East LA & Boyle Heights recs:
Los Cinco Puntos (I’ve only had their tacos, but they are an extensive carniceria):
El Mercado de Los Angeles (lots to browse and eat):
Cemitas Tepeaca (so good!):
Birrieria de Don Boni:
I remember liking Moles La Tia, but I was last there 7 years ago so much could have changed:


Flautas at Ciro’s (which also happens to have almost every Art LaBoe Show oldie on its jukebox) are damn near perfect.

I make infrequent diversions from my commute home to get a bean and cheese burrito with green chili salsa at Al and Bea’s. Well worth the effort.

Ditto @PorkyBelly’s recommendation for Mariscos Jalisco. The crispy shrimp taco is hands down my favorite taco in Los Angeles.

A little further down Olympic, Los Originales Tacos Árabes De Puebla is really delicious as well.

Welcome, and happy eating!


Tamales Alberto
+1 Birrieria de Don Boni

Hi @hunter,

Welcome to FTC and welcome to LA! :slight_smile:


Mariscos Jaliscos
Las Molenderas
El Sarape
Carnitas El Momo
Al and Beas
Los Cinco Puntos
Tacos El Pecas
La Mascota Bakery

As with a lot of Mexican neighborhoods in LA there is a lot of good food served/pickup on people’s driveways, front lawns, backyards, and shops closed after 6pm. You will need to make friends with your neighbors and cooks/servers to find the really good stuff.


Oh yeah

Primera Taza Coffeehouse (get the cafe olla and sandwiches)

Eastside Luv (bar, live music)
(Side note: Ozomatli used Eastside Luv as backdrop for one of their songs at their last concert in LA, and the crowd went nuts when they saw it, dope as hell)

What is unique about Boyle Heights is the mix of new immigrants and ol skool pocho

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Also if you want recs for nearby Lincoln Heights, El Sereno, Cypress Park, Highland Park, Chinatown, and Echo Park…let me know. If you want booshi ass places I don’t know much

Arctic Hotspot

La 1st Taqueria

VaKA Burgers

Ciro’s also has amazing chorizo and eggs in addition to their chicken flautas. Sometimes I get chorizo, egg and potato. They stop serving it (chorizo and eggs) at 11:30am I believe.

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Thanks y’all. Looks like I’m not gonna run outta tacos anytime soon.

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Not sure if it is actually Boyle Heights but La Azteca for the best burritos and quesadillas and flour tacos with beans!

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What, no love for Zamora Brothers? Great place for stewed tacos and far more under the radar than Guisados.

the aporkalypse!

but be aware that they keep somewhat inconsistent hours.

Friend just went to Ciro’s for lunch today and was told that they are permanently closed. That’s stinks!


That is horrible news.

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Pioneer Chicken for their orange battered fried chicken. You’re welcome.