BS Taqueria - one word



Ack. I need to try their boozy Cafe de Olla too… ACK!!!


How thick are those churros???

They were your typical churro thickness, cut up into six ethereal, melt in your mouth pieces. It came with a slightly spicy chocolate dipping sauce but i enjoyed them unadulterated. They were the best churros I’ve ever had and will be back just for dessert.

That sounds awesome @PorkyBelly. Must go back to try that (and their other tacos I’ve enjoyed). :slightly_smiling:

Looks and sounds damn good.

Stopped in for dessert and the place was packed around 830, managed to get a seat at the bar, churros still great.


Is that cajita, chocolate or caramel as dip for churros?

Chile de Arbol chocolate

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I don’t know. This is something for me that’s more appealing to get at Echo Park from a husband and wife vendor pulling them right from the oil for me. $1 for 3 sticks

Can you point me in the direction of your vendor? I haven’t seen my former echo park vendor in years.

BS Taqueria is gone, right?

yep, it’s gone :frowning:

Downtown in the piñata district on weekends, south side of Olympic, west of Central. Alternately, 3rd street just east of Vermont, north side of the street just past the Vons

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BS is bringing BS Taqueria back on Tuesdays. What’s good y’all?

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