Caldo Verde

I don’t post here often, but I felt I should after last night’s meal. We went to the new restaurant in the proper hotel, Caldo Verde part of the Goin/Styne legacy. The signature dish, the Caldo Verde, is the best crab dish in Los Angeles IMHO. It’s a type of Portuguese seafood stew, and it’s delicious. But it was the chunks of white crab meat that blew me away. -LM


Hmmm…caldo verde to me is linguisa, kale, and potatoes. But crab?!

So…what’s the deal with this restaurant? my hair stylist said it was good. But I wonder how good it can be.

We ignoring the DTLA Goin spot? Why?

i went once
it was decent
If I happen to be in DTLA for some reason I would consider but certainly not worth driving to on its own.
Caldo Verde is the dish to order (surprise!)

What’s worth the drive to you in DTLA? I booked Flor y S for now

Had a great meal at Damian recently.
So much better than my first visit about a year ago.


Not in any particular order, just a few that come to mind, Kato, Bestia, Damian, Bavel, Kaneyoshi, Majordomo, Girl and the Goat to name a few.
Broken Spanish (when it was alive)
San Laurel maybe
Corridor 109 and Hayato if I am fortunate to snag a reservation.


I forgot I’ve been there. Take that for what it’s worth.