CaliBurger To Open In Pasadena

i can’t complain.


Actually there is no food court at the Paseo Pasadena. There is a Yardhouse, El Cholo, PF Changs, etc. which are all stand alone restaurants.

CaliBurger is away from those places at the northwest corner of Marengo and Green adjacent to The Rose concert venue. No drive thru but viewable from the street.

i am VERY familiar with the layout of the paseo.

i stand by this statement,

Asian food courts. That mall has a jolli bee and a couple of others.

will they be serving my favorite, dog burgers?

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in eagle rock; yeah, they’ve got that jolibee there with the filipino supermarket and a few other asian oriented places in that mall; no surprise there - eagle rock has a large contingent of filipino residents.

Seafood City.

that’s the place. i was just there last week as a matter of fact. i was early for an appointment in eagle rock so i stopped at the mall. for the things i’d normally get, i think prices are better at places such as ranch 99 or at 168, but they do have stuff like banana sauce and other filipno specific items, etc.

I am an AD. I will keep my eye out for you, and if I see you will make sure you are treated well.


i request clarification.

Assistant Director…the guy who yells “Roll” and “Cut” and bosses the cast around.

LOL. thanks. truth is, all my employment has centered around the dancing which is my passion, i just happened to know the right choreographers when it came to casting certain gigs.

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also has a panda express.

Update: “tech” and booze.

fucking Panda Express, just what Westwood Blvd needed…all the great restaurants opening everywhere and this piece of shit opens near my office!

Look on the bright side, it could’ve been another poke place.

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Qin West is right up the street, in case you feel a sudden urge to speak Beijinger…

true J_L! i keep meaning to get over to Qin