Carpenter for kitchen

Hi this is semi-food adjacent but we are looking to build a bench for our kitchen and if anyone has a wood worker or carpenter rec (hopefully affordable) that would be super appreciated!

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depending on what look you’re after, i bought a 3 inch thick 8 ft long beautiful live edge wood slab locally that was already sanded finished and got some some bench legs on etsy and attached it and put some natural wood protecter on top for shine and protection.

sorry don’t have the pictures but its worked great for last 10 years. we use it for one side of our 8 ft dining table. probably spent about 150 dollars total.


Wow that sounds amazing if I ever do a diy table in the back yard I’ll message you! Yeah I’m looking for a carpenter since it’ll require a little more expertise than I am capable of

Sorry, I don’t have a recommendation for a tradesperson but would you mind describing a little what you’re hoping to have built? For example, if it’s a standalone bench that’s not fixed in place that’s more a furniture job but if it’s built in to the wall then it may be more of a cabinetry job.

To be fair, there’s a lot of overlap between general carpentry, cabinetry, woodworking, etc. but it might help narrow it down a bit knowing what you’d like for your kitchen.

To keep this food related, we’ve done some of the furniture/cabinetry for our kitchen and dining room and it’s made a huge difference in how we cook and entertain.


It would be fixed to a wall. Ideally it would be affixed near our island/dining table and it would double as storage space. Thanks for those clarifications!

Makes sense! That’s kind of how I imagined it- I feel like I’ve seen Tommy Silva and Norm Abram do many similar benches on This Old House.

Is the space for the bench unusual in dimension or oddly shaped (eg, like a tiny alcove or non-90 degree corner)? And does it need to be literally fixed to a wall or is it just that it’ll be positioned next to a wall?

Sorry, I’m not trying to pester you with questions, it just kind of helps determine what kind of project you might be anticipating. It could make a huge difference in pricing, design, etc.

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It would likely be L shaped but could be two separate pieces and we would like them fixed to the wall

Gotcha, that all sounds pretty reasonable. Well, unless you’re looking for something pretty fancy like making it out of solid wood instead of something like plywood or mdf that can definitely be handled by a cabinet maker or very motivated general carpenter or contractor. Sorry, I still don’t have one in mind to recommend but there’s gotta be someone on here that’s done their kitchen relatively recently.

Alternatively, since even small projects like this can balloon well out of your budget you might also consider IKEA hacking. Honestly, even if you do find someone to do this bench it might be worthwhile- it’s certainly something we’ve considered a few times.