Ceci’s Gastronomia

Intriguing backstory …

Appealing menu …


Looks good. Though I always wonder about that neighborhood and carb forward food. There are such specific things that appeal to ‘Silverlake.’

Think that’s a pretty outdated stereotype about the neighborhood. La Pergoletta, Wood, Silver Lake Ramen, Speranza, Alimento, Farfalla, Clark St., All Day Baby, Cosa Buona, Pizza Buona, La Sorted/Gemini, Elio’s, Maury’s, Courage Bagels, Little Fish, Tatsunoya, Burgers Never Say Die, literally Tartine.

Very curious to check it out. Wanted to try their home delivery early in the pandemic but didn’t get around to it, glad I’ll have the chance.

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There once was a boy named Francesco. He met a girl named Francesca. They fell in love…


I like the focaccia! It tastes like Italy. Haven’t tried all that much on the menu, but it seems like one of the jewels of Silver Lake if not LA for quality food in this price range.


Peony and I dined from Ceci’s for the first time together this morning!

Warrior: 4.1 Warrior Points. Ceci’s is everything that a neighborhood cafe should be. It all tastes high quality and genuinely Italian. I recommend everything pictured below — the caponata sandwich, the fagioli, and the apricot crostata. Proof that being vegan doesn’t mean sacrificing pleasure. EDIT FOR CLARITY: the crostata may contain some animal products. I never intended to imply that the crostata is devoid of all animal products.

Peony: Good quality. The focaccia is a little on the hard side for me. Otherwise, I like everything.

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The crostata is not vegan. For a tangent on Warrior’s misuse / abuse of the term, see

this is like referring to a piece of fish as a piece of chicken. there is a term for food without meat but with cheese - vegetarian.


I would love to see a vegan restaurant/cafe have the same senseless approach to meaning of words and serve it as vegan. They would get sued within days and out of business a week later (Just because you don’t have the capacity to understand certain things doesn’t mean it has no meaning to others who actually care about others)


On this site, “vegan” means what it says in the dictionary. Further bullshit misuse will get you another timeout.


My jeans are too tight and I blame Ceci’s.

In case people are interested: