Charcoal- or wood-grilled at lunch?

Craving meat. Ideally near Thai Town or a Metro red or purple line station. Dry-aged steak, tacos, Korean BBQ, whatever.

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a better thought

Ha! I was just thinking of heading to Kavkaz but wondering whether I’d be able to walk by Spicy BBQ without changing my plans.

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APL’s not open at lunch except for the takeout window. Or I’d be there.

bbq sandwich from the takeout window

Not grilled. And being on the street in that neighborhood, ugh.

Gwang Yang’s Chuck Flap, get off at Wilshire x Normandie station. Or just take the bus on Normandie

Tire Shop Taqueria. Take a Lyft from 7th St Metro

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Thai BBQ chicken lunch special at Bangkok Palace in Echo Park. Grilled to order. No frills, but damn if that tender thigh/leg isn’t seasoned perfectly. Also, outstanding QPR for those who love value.

Are you sure Spicy BBQ uses charcoal? Delicious, but from the aroma i’d guess gas.

Actually I think you’re right. What about the BBQ chicken at isaan station? Not sure

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