Cheesy, Savory, Delicious! Meat Lovers, Vegetarian and Vegan! A Pizza Journey - Superfine, Il Romanista, DeSano, Pizza Wagon of Brooklyn, Pizzeria Mozza, South End, L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, Prime, Lupetti, Triple Beam and More! [Thoughts + Pics]

Not cool @Gr8pimpin. Before I left my job in December I told him he should open up a second shop in the north OC. I probably ate here for lunch the most of any place while I worked in El Segundo. Totally unrelated I’ve lost about 5 lbs since December.

I hope he is able to reopen and maintain his health.


went to Superfine on a whim yesterday…2 great pepperoni slices!


So are you team Superfine or team PizzaWagon as far as pepperoni slices go?

superfine if distance is no issue

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In the middle of a Bang x3 (after taquito takeout from Cielito Lindo and before Jeni’s Splendid I FINALLY go to…

Today they should change the name to SuperSlightlyBetterThanOkButNotQuiteFine.

Ok I had to look back and see if I misunderstood how this pizza crust is supposed to be.

Gotta say, everyone else’s experience was not my experience today. I got 3 slices. Ate right away in the car in their lot.

Pepperoni slice and a Salami Honey

The crust had great color. And when I picked it up, it flipped over… limp. Zero crisp at all. Floppy. Pepperoni was awesome! Great spice, crisped edges. The crust has great taste but TOTALLY like a Neapolitan crust. The cornicione had really great taste and chew. Missing the slight crunch.

The honey salami crust was better. It had a little more crisp. It would be a great breakfast cereal. Like @lapizzamaven , I am convinced honey belongs in dessert not pizza. Yuck.

Spinach On White

Again, not great texture on the crust. The flavor of the pie was fantastic. The spinach wasn’t soggy and actually had some crisp and chew, crispier than the crust. Cheese garlic… really good.

So here’s what I think the problem is. The ordering system. So I went to the window and the guy told me I had to order online. When I go to order online it told me the pick up time was a half hour. So I drove around for a half hour and then came back and picked it up. The cook made it seem like it just came out of the oven and it certainly was hot. But he told me next time I can place the order through the app and immediately come to the window so that may account for the issues.

Bummed that this was my first time there. I’ll give them another shot. Toppings and crust flavor awesome.

Definitely can see this is not true NY style. I can see why they call it a hybrid.

Oh… here are the taquitos…


I’ve found soup the only hot food to survive in a take out container

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Hi @Gr8pimpin,

Thanks for the report back and I’m sad to see your first visit was like that! :frowning: Yah their ordering system (online) during the pandemic is terrible. I should’ve added a note about it!

Yes, you basically place an order (even for Slices) online, then if it’s just Slices you walk up to the window immediately (ignore what the online systems says (it’s always like 20 - 30 minutes minimum from the time you order)), and tell them you ordered Slices and they will have it ready for you in a few minutes (very fast).

Your pictures definitely don’t look like the ones we had in our ~10+ visits. :frowning: It was probably sitting around steaming in the To-Go container.

I hope you get a chance to try them again, but next time just walk right up to the window after your online order and tell them and they should heat up the slices immediately (and the crust should be slightly crisped up and piping hot). (Or you can order a whole pie and still show up a few minutes early (it should only take ~15 min from the time of your order unless they were super backed up (rare)).

Thanks again @Gr8pimpin.


its close, A5KOBE…both have very consistently excellent crusts, which is the real bottom line for me…
the only issue I have with Superfine is that they put slices on a screen in the oven…bizarre! generally a sign of a pizzeria mostly concerned with speed and ease of movement, I believe…thats what Ive been told by a serious champ, when I mentioned this oddity…And that can’t be the reason for superfine doing it…


The spicy pepperoni and the sauce put Superfine on top for me. That pepperoni they use is just my kind of flavor.

To note, I had a whole pie at Pizza Wagon and it was way too saucy for me. However, I had a slice and it was just right. Is it strange the slices at Pizza Wagon are actually better than a whole pie? I am thinking the sauce dries out a bit which is more of my preference.


Re: Superfine

My pizza was also floppy. Then again my pizza from Julianna’s in NYC was also floppy sooo…

I just assumed it was the style.

100% agree and think that’s the issue. My last whole pie I had a slice when it was freshly delivered… saucy. Let it sit… perfect sauce.

I like the slices better too.

The first few whole pies a got from there were lighter on the sauce.

I don’t get it. I nominate @lapizzamaven to have this conversation with Anthony.

Interesting, re Juliana’s. My wife and my brother both said the crusts were crispy. My wife just said they were floppy only at the last couple slices after they set. I wonder if it depends on what the toppings are?

I need that crisp. That’s why I don’t care for Neapolitan.


Hey Gr8pimpin, glad to get a little support on the no honey on pizza policy! as far as crust, Ive never had a crust at Superfine that Id compare to Napoletana…oh well


I think it was an off day. And the order system. Next time I order, then go right to the window.

Hey, have you noticed what @A5KOBE and I have that pizza wagon’s whole pies are way saucier than the slices?

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interesting observation about Pizza wagon…I had my first fresh pie 3 weeks ago and it was excellent…not sure what the issue is with the sauce…And no, I won’t complain to Anthony! haha!


Margherita. You can see below by the angle that it’s pretty limp. Guess I gotta give them another shot. FWIW I preferred Supefine’s limp pizza over Julianas lol


I’m wondering if we’re talking about the same thing.

The crust may flop but was all soft? not that it would stand straight out like if it were on a piece of matzo.

Was your Juliana’s pie like not crispy at all?

I guess I think of like pizza wagon, the crust may bend but it’s got some crisp.

Btw, I really liked the flavor of Superfines crust. I like the flavor of Prime’s crust. Pizza Wagons crust may not be the most flavorful, but the texture is really good.


Not at all. Could not eat one handed…just like Supefine.

Hi @Gr8pimpin,

What you’re describing that you enjoy (some crispness with the pizza crust) is what Superfine’s slices are like normally. :cry: I feel bad the person told you to order online and then the system’s default wait time made you drive around for 30 minutes before you got your slices. :frowning:

Definitely give them another try. Superfine’s slices (especially the Pepperoni) were always crisped, amazing flavor and the Pepperoni was crisped and outstanding as well.

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Stunned!! That was the original Grimaldis. So bummed you had a pie like that!!

Thank you for humoring me. I’m confused most of the time.