Chef Tony Seafood Restaurant (Richmond): A Pictorial Essay

Anyone who knows me would know that few things could be further from the truth when it comes to food. Good grief. We are done with this issue here.

Well, since the menu that I looked at didn’t give prices, I couldn’t make that assumption. Unlike some here, we won’t spend unlimited amounts of money on food or anything else. I’m annoyed and will now withdraw from this discussion. Go in peace, everyone.

Please accept my apology. That was inappropriate.

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Of course, my friend. Sorry the thread got out of control. :slight_smile:


Thanks, kiddo. I really do like your write ups. xoc


Haven’t been since late 2014. Glad Chef Tony is still going strong.

Going back in August. Do you remember if the dim sum menu runs at night too?

The website is not very clear about that.

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I don’t think it does. But I’ve also never seen any place that serves a full dim sum menu at night so that might be a wrong assumption on my part, but I really think I saw somewhere that it is only lunch - maybe on yelp.