China Based Steam Cooking Specialist Lands in LA--At Olympic & San Vicente

Qi Steam Kitchen has just opened up touting healthy all steam cooked dishes, not in the San Gabriel Valley, but at the intersection of Olympic and San Vicente, quite possibly in the space once occupied by Pioneer Chicken. As I approached the restaurant based on the location I was expecting maybe steamed General Tso’s Chicken or broccoli beef, but the menu looks pretty authentic to me. Of course there’s nothing special about steamed dim sum, but how about steamed rice coated ribs, steamed wild Greenland turbot, or steamed garlic okra with vermicelli. The one dim sum item that caught my eye was the steamed pan fried beef buns, which had to be either a contradiction or a misprint. But as you can see, this was a valid description, basically a beef filled shen jen bao that had been steamed, and certainly quite well prepared.

Also had the steamed ribs which were fall off the bone tasty. A little pricey though as the bill for these two came to a little under $20.

Now if I only knew why they chose this location.


… so they can charge $20 for shenjianbao and ribs and the locals won’t bat an eyelash?


Which locals will actually eat at this restaurant? I’m calling death watch unless it’s one of those investment immigration things but I heard that’s been backed up.

5 min walk for me, so I’ll definitely check it out.


Westwood Village or Sawtelle would have made more sense…

Even worse rents.

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Stop it! Don’t jinx it! :grin: Finally something interesting in my ‘hood. The Coffee Bean is where Pioneer was. Qi is in the janky mini-mall behind it, formerly De-licious Deli.


I miss Pioneer Chicken, which was run in the final years by the son of the owner of Olympic Cheonggukjang.


It’s taken over Delicious Deli that’s in the small strip mall just to the east of Pioneer Chicken, which is now a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

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They still sell the fried chicken at their stall inside that food court at the shopping mall at the NE corner of 9th St and Western in K-Town.


There’s still two Pioneer Chickens left, one in Boyle Heights and one in Bell Gardens.

Not necessarily. There’s already a Tasty Noodle House at 3rd and Crescent Heights; a Northern Cafe at Beverly Bl and Alfred St across from the Beverly Connection; Capital Seafood on La Cienega; Dumpling Monster on Santa Monica in WeHo, Bao Dim Sum House on Beverly & Sweetzer, My Little Dumpling on 3rd, just east of La Cienega; and Fortune House (which reminds me so much of Moon House in WestLA). The Chinese food scene is finally starting to build in the mid-city area.

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Good job encapsulating the local Chinese food landscape.