Chongqing vs. Chengdu

Interesting L.A. Weekly article. Didn’t realize that Shancheng Lameizhi in Rowland Heights is such a hot ticket. When I went there when they opened, I did notice the high prices but it wasn’t very busy and I was thinking that they wouldn’t last very long. Interesting that this byline is from a writer whose previous background is comedy writing.


ma la is life

Definitely an interesting “voice”: I appreciate the comparison/contrast approach to the dishes and the restaurants.

I’ve briefly touched upon and tried to explain the differences, but I wish I would have thought to break it down in this manner. That was a very good approach.

I really like that mung bean jelly noodle photo too :slight_smile:

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Wasn’t the original Chung King serving Chongqing-style Sichuan cuisine 15 years ago?

Chuan cai?

It really just comes down to the character of the two cities. One is more cosmopolitan; the other is, well, less.

Sort of like NYC versus Boston.

If only Boston were full of beautiful women and spicy food. If only.


That was funny.

Yes, and Shu Feng Yuan served Chengdu-style Sichuan 10 years ago, including rabbit. There also were other places that had the Chongqing-style fried chicken cubes, like the Yunnan Garden restaurants. Though I didn’t see anything in the article that proclaimed any of this as “new”, just that Sichuan is experiencing a “renaissance.”

Fair enough, though a better sense of history might not be amiss.

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