Christmas Day Dining 2022

Hi FTC friends. Merry Christmas to all. I’m considering bringing my father, girlfriend and 7 year old son out to dinner on Christmas Day rather thank cook. I have some SGV spots I’m considering but I live in Woodland Hills and would prefer to not travel east of the 710 and south of the 105. What restaurants in the SFV or LA city basin do you know of that are open for dinner on Xmas?


For Christmas Day, I would choose San Laurel, but The Barish is also an option.

Is there any lower end takeout options in sgv? I have dinner plans but nothing for lunch. Dinner will likely be Asian so it would be nice to have a traditional Xmas lunch.

evidently Fogo de Chao is open. I think Christmas brunch might be on the table this year…


Either Pasadena is fully booked or they are not open on Xmas.

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I was at the Irvine location this weekend. Packed to the gills.