Cleaning cast iron pan

Yes! I have the 9.5" and 12.5" De Buyer pans and love them!

True. Sorry for continuing the thread drift.

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No it’s cool. Have you heard Chang’s thoughts in the matter?

I got the Ballarini b/c we had never used CS, and I wasn’t sure if we’d like them (I think Ballarini is a bit cheaper, IIRC). Glad to hear you like yours. de Buyer gets really good reviews, so I think that would be our next purchase, if we get another CS pan. Did you do the potato-skin initial seasoning? I did the canola oil bake, and I’m wondering if the potato skin is better…

Did a quick internet search and didn’t see anything. What did he say?

Just be careful with the debuyer because the pans come in various thickness i think it’s the mineral B line that is 2.5mm and quite a bit heavier ( my preference)

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LOL (stolen from a FB post)


I have not, but I’m interested.

I did not. Serious Eats had a video on how to do it. Basically just oil and really high heat, and then regular use.

That’s what I’ve got. Great stuff.

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He details how for home use cast iron is appropriate and carbon steel is just a flex and only makes sense in a restaurant setting.

Cast iron for home use.

Interesting. I would take it any day over cast iron for eggs, and I can’t tell the difference between the two searing a steak. I think a professional would catch the nuances between the two more than the average home cook. Also love my carbon steel wok, by the way.

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I like a lot of his takes but i admit i don’t get that at all. Unless I’m making skillet cornbread i can’t think of any applications is rather use a Lodge over a Debuyer.

Soaking overnight in 50% vinegar solution dissolved the rust.

Tip: do not use a cast-iron pan to create steam when baking. Apparently lots of recipes suggest that.

Is there any reason to remove what’s left of the old seasoning before reseasoning?

What is this?

I was looking at my CIs tonight. I think the bubbly, lumpy is a brand problem not a maintenance problem. I have two by Benjamin & Medwin and both are bubbly, lumpy, cook unevenly and therefore get used the least, but the Lodge is my workhorse and still totally smooth.

Benjamin & Medwin