Cooking for beginners

America’s Test Kitchen had a pretty good one (that even I could do reasonably well).

Just looked and they have several :slight_smile:

If they’re from w/i the past few yrs (although one does date back to the last part of Chris Kimball’s time there), I think they all use a similar technique…

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Oh, is he gone? Good.


He has now a new cooking magazine which actually like more - Milk Street

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I actually also liked Milk Street more, at least initially (although we never tried any of the recipes). Some of the ATK recipes almost seem like they’re overly clever… for the sake of being overly clever.


I’ve made carbonara using various recipes including Hazan’s original. Never found a foolproof one. What happens when it goes wrong is the sauce doesn’t thicken so it doesn’t stick to the pasta. If I made it every week I’d probably have it down.

I’ve got strong, divided feelings about Kimball.

As a device for the TV show, I think he was great. As a boss, I’m sure he was absolutely miserable to work for. But I think that saltiness made for much more engaging TV. The TV shows now feel way too much like daytime TV in their sunshiney cheeriness.

I loved watching Bridget deliver little mocking barbs to Chris on the show. I always got the sense there was more to turn than good-natured ribbing n be that was fun to see.

Kimball’s character on the show made absolutely no sense; on one hand he played the fool, who didn’t know how to bake a decent apple pie. But in the next breath, he’s wheel out a chart explaining the chemical reactions that make umami work and drop stories about how he dined with Julia Child.

I already think his persnickickiness was good for the magazine. I’ve spotted one too many sloppy editing errors in the days since he left. And while I really like Dan Souza, his videos on YouTube are so heavily produced and unfunny, I miss Kimball’s New England pessimism.

The only thing I really love since Kimball’s departure is Hunger Pangs, the father son team that cook traditional Chinese and Chinese American food together. Their banter feels authentic in a way Julia and Bridget do not (but Bridget and Kimball did)


That insanely complicated and confusing poached chicken recipe is not appropriate for a beginner. I think generally their recipes are overcomplicated and fussy.

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That that recipe can be confusing for a beginner is indisputable given the questions in this thread.

I, too, love Hunger Pangs. The podcast Kevin did to promote the show was really nice…showing the evolution of his relationship with his dad.

Side note: I went to college with Kevin and had the pleasure of living on the same floor with him for a year. He is as exactly the show portrays him. Fun, excited to share stories, and interested in the process of things.


Is the father a professional chef? I saw them make a recipe on YouTube, and it wasn’t clear to me if father had a pro background.

I really liked the one episode I saw.

I think Bridget always seems authentic. My partner and I have gotten to making overly enthusiastic sounds as a joke (b/c of how almost bizarrely enthusiastic Julia is).

No, he loved cooking and actually got famous by starting his own YouTube cooking channel. He just shared his love to Chinese cooking.

Check out the ATK podcast, they tell the story as a family. It’s quite lovely.

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