Craig’s Isn’t Fun or Fancy. It’s Forgettable. So Why Is It Still LA’s Hottest

Craig’s offers some of the most straightforward American food in town, free of unnecessary flair and fusion, unabashedly saying this type of restaurant’s quiet part out loud: “We didn’t come to this restaurant to eat food.” And the food there has to be remarkably undynamic because anything else would be a sensory overload for a sensuous clientele: people who look fabulous for 52.

The real fusion at Craig’s lies in its interior design: it’s one part elevated casual bar with wood beams, turn-of-the-century factory brick (possibly fake), and leather booths, fused with the art collection of someone who owns a pair of sneakers with Batman’s Joker painted on the toe box. Shoddy reproductions of priceless Banksys sit above a couple celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. Just Google “Mr. Brainwash” and select “images.”