Curry leafs, key lime leafs, Thai basil and holy basil in San Diego

I think I asked a similar question some time ago on CH but can’t find it anymore. Where do I get these for ingredients most likely in San Diego - curry leafs, key lime leafs, Thai basil and holy basil ? I see some of them from time to time in some supermarkets on some days but often during the week don’t have the time to drive to multiple shops to find them. (And is it possible that some asian supermarkets label Thai basil some times just as basil ?)

Have you tried Thuan Phat in Linda Vista? That’s the only place I’ve been able to reliably find kaffir lime leaves in SD, so there’s probably a decent chance on the others.

Kaffir lime leaves and Thai basil at seafood city supermarket in Mira Mesa, at least when I got them there 1 month ago.

Try North Park Produce.

(seconding Sage) That is where I bought my lime leaves, and they usually have at least one type of Thai basil.