Cyrus 2.0 - Geyserville

275 State Highway 128, Geyserville

I’m not sure the proposal really fits in the category “Retail commercial and service uses, such as … restaurants … appropriate to and in conjunction with industrial development permitted in the M1 district.”

When it comes to staffing, Keane is joining a growing group of restaurant owners taking ambitious and unorthodox approaches in an attempt to fix what they believe is a broken industry. They are pushing for better working conditions, including increased pay, shorter hours and mental health benefits, by replacing tips with service charges or shifting to a form of worker ownership. His solution: fewer workers and cross-training for better efficiency. His full-time employees will make a minimum of $65,000 a year.

Cyrus is tacking on a 20% service charge, which goes back to the restaurant to help offset the higher wages. Any tips on top of that will be split evenly among the staff. Down the line, Keane hopes to find a way to offer four- and five-day workweeks, calling that “the ultimate achievement.”

Love it. Any review forthcoming?

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